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Nearly a century of Los Angeles and Hollywood’s rich and famous have called Beverly Hills their home, living in luxurious houses and mansions designed by famous Beverly Hills architects. Not only is Beverly Hills known for its luxurious lifestyle and broad avenues lined with lush, colorful foliage, but it’s also home to a fusion of architectural styles.

Originally home to Mexican ranchers in the 19th century, the modern city began to grow in earnest by the 1920s and the nouveau-riche of Hollywood fame. Built with the horseless carriage in mind, the city’s architecture was (and still is) a pristine canvas for groundbreaking architectural styles with space and wide vistas in mind.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Beverly Hills Architecture

There’s no single unique style in Beverly Hills, but if one architectural style stands out as being predominant then it’s certainly the Spanish Colonial style. Think white stucco walls, terracotta roofs, and charming tiles reminiscent of the old-world Spanish (by then, Mexican) pioneers.

Owing to its luxurious setting, however, multiple styles sprung up in the 1920s, such as the Greystone Mansion built by famed architect Gordon Kaufmann in the Tudor style. By the 1950s, rampant demand for luxury properties saw the development of Trousdale Estate Homes, built in a minimalistic style that’s aged well to this day.

Luxury Architecture in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills architecture firms have stiff competition when it comes to designing truly breathtaking designs, since the glamorous nature of Beverly Hills and its affluence remove many of the financial constraints common elsewhere in the United States. This lets Beverly Hills architects build ever more impressive aesthetics and to lean more contemporary or experimental.

Some examples of more popular styles include:

Residential Architecture

Perhaps Beverly Hills’ claim to fame is the unparalleled density of luxurious residential architecture. Many homes are predictably built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, which blends traditional with modern in examples such as the home of famous pop star Katy Perry.

To explore the residential architecture in Beverly Hills, it is essential to highlight Beverly Park and its exclusive gated luxury communities.

Beverly Park, thanks to its prestigious location north of Beverly Hills, has become the most exclusive and expensive homes location in Los Angeles because of the spectacular views from the states.

A variety of residences have been built here since the neighborhood’s founding in 1990 including Contemporary, French, Mediterranean, Modern, and Traditional homes. Its subdivisions have large lots that can accommodate huge homes and mega mansions such as SR House designed by Miguel Rueda Designs architecture firm.

SR House - Mansion Beverly Hills Miguel Rueda Designs

Image Source: Miguel Rueda Designs

This Italian inspired Beverly Park mansion, stands out far with its natural stone walls, Grade A Thassos Marble from Greece, and the finest marble from Carrara. Miguel Rueda created a masterpiece, by combining an eclectic blend of Italian architecture with brilliantly orchestrated touches of contemporary architecture creating an Eclectic Style home.

With 30,000 sqm of living space and a sophisticated resort feel outdoor living space, boasting one the largest private home pool and spa areas in California, this is a one of a kind home that to this day has no equal anywhere in the world. Beverly Hills is a rare case in which residential development is overwhelmingly luxurious in nature, since the density of affluent residents permits grand designs from one home to the adjacent one.

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Hotel Architecture

Luxury is the operative word when it comes to describing famous hotels in Beverly Hills, perhaps best exemplified by the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, an Italian Renaissance style with a full olympic-sized swimming pool to entertain the refined tastes of US politicians and Hollywood stars. The grand ballroom and exterior architectural design leans more traditional whilst providing a sense of grandeur as well. Beverly Hills hotel architects have long been experimental in their design, with hotels ranging from Tudor-style traditional to cutting-edge modern spaces.

Resort Architecture

Resorts such as the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills brings back the classic Hollywood glamour with a Streamline Modern style. Some of its most exquisite architectural spaces could be mentioned,  its luxurious gardens, sweeping white stone curves, oversized balconies, bronze accents, floor-to-ceiling glass and classic lanais that extend the interior living space outward.

A masterwork of Art Deco-influenced contemporary architecture, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is inspired by Los Angeles’ unique climate, sunlight, and history. The hotel reflects this unique combination of sophistication and relaxed elegance, immersing guests in beauty, down to the last details, giving a resort feel.

New Architecture Developments

Modern developments such as the plant-covered MAD residential village in Beverly Hills are exemplary of the open-space, modern architectural style married with the connection with nature commonly characteristic of the city along its tree-lined boulevards.

Mansion and Estate Architecture

Beverly Hills is where you will find some of the most exclusive high-end architecture, unique custom mega mansions and residential estates in the United States. As an example we can take the luxurious and exceptional development in Beverly Hills: Villa Firenze. It is the largest complex in Beverly Park, inspired by the Italian Mediterranean style, surrounded by Canary Island palms and walking trails within its own village. 

Residential Architecture Beverly Hills

Miguel Rueda Designs - Mansion Architecture in Beverly Hills

“When you think of an outstanding piece of real estate; when you want to showcase a luxury home; when you dream of a house so unique that no one else has it, you are thinking about Beverly Hills. Without a doubt, Beverly Hills is the most important city in luxury residential real estate in the world. Some of the most outstanding luxury properties developed in the world, have taken place in the 90210 zipcode. The story of my professional trajectory coincides with the renaissance of the new state of the art mansions in Beverly Hills, and I feel blessed to have had that privilege. Beverly Hills represents a home ground for me.”


Every Beverly Hills architect firm has a privilege of working with affluent clients to provide modern, beautiful designs where the sky is the limit in terms of design possibilities.

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