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Beautiful, sunny Malibu, California, has long been a challenge for many Malibu architects, owing to its long history of zoning restrictions and strict land use requirements. Although the coastal city is itself difficult to build and develop due to these constraints, some of the most affluent members of society have called Malibu home in beautiful oceanfront homes and estates.

What sets Malibu apart from many other cities in the US is that its history has transitioned sharply in three major periods: from the 1890s to the 1940s, from 1940-1970, and from the 1970s onwards. Today, Malibu is an affluent city and so the artistic and refined styles desired by its moneyed residents push the boundaries of architecture.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Malibu Architecture

Until the 1940s, Malibu was home to many Colonial Revival styles from the already wealthy inhabitants, but land was still affordable for artisans who flocked to the city’s natural beauty by the ocean. From the 1940s to the 1970s, many ‘starving artists’ could still find an affordable plot of land upon which to build simple shacks, but many opted for the all-too-famous Spanish Revival style common in many southern Californian cities.

From the 1970s to today, Hollywood elite and California’s rich and famous drove up property prices, but also permitted Malibu architecture firms to achieve contemporary and modern styles full of elegance and extravagance in small spaces.

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Luxury Architecture in Malibu

When compared to Beverly Hills, where large plots of land permit luxurious large estates and mansions, Malibu tends to be far more constrained due to zoning bylaws and land use requirements. Consequently, many of Malibu’s affluent residents have opted for innovative designs given their constraints.

Some popular styles include:

Residential Architecture

The typical style used for Malibu residential architecture leans towards the traditional, Spanish Colonial style. One of the original homes built in 1893 is the Rindge Family Home, a Queen Anne home built in the Colonial Revival style. Many other homes in Malibu since then have adopted less-traditional styles, instead choosing contemporary and modern, which is evident in  Malibu Colony Beach residences.

Hotel Architecture

More modern homes and hotels alike in Malibu are contemporary in design, incorporating elements from the sea and easy coastal lifestyle. One example of beautiful architecture and interior design is The Surfrider hotel, which blends soft pastels and beige for its interior to contrast with the calm waves and sand just outside.

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Resort Architecture

Architects in Malibu can always play it safe and go for a Spanish Colonial style, but why settle for the ordinary when other styles can look just as fitting in this beautiful city? The Nobu Ryokan is a particular Japanese-inspired style both inside and outside, complete with distinctive wood accents and Oriental flair to set it apart from most other hotels in Malibu.

Mansions and Estates Architecture

There’s no shortage of luxury oceanfront estates in Malibu, such as signer icons Lady Gaga’s Oceanside Estate and Cher's Italian Renaissance-Style beachfront Compound. So there are plenty of styles alongside the long coast. Billionaire David Saperstein Modern Malibu Compound, the Mar de Amor Villa. Located in the exclusive area of Paradise Cove, it is one of the most luxurious beachfront properties with private access and potentially the fourth most expensive home as a prospect for sale in California. Harry Gesner’s Wave House is a uniquely stunning home replicating the waves surrounding it. Raised just above the water, homes such as this are exemplary of what is possible in Malibu.

Mansion Architecture Malibu

If one style tends to predominate in Malibu, it would be the Spanish Colonial style, but it’s by no means the most striking or representative of the competing styles found in the city’s most affluent oceanfront homes.

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“Malibu oceanfront homes are among Los Angeles most enticing, yet it can be one of the hardest places in the world to build a large house. Malibu architects need to take into account the unusual challenges of designing these beachfront homes.”


Miguel Rueda Designs understand the needs and demands required by the Malibu coastal commission, as well as the responsibility when you set out to design an outstanding luxury project in Malibu. From the resort style pool and landscape, to the luxury interior and unique architecture, Miguel Rueda Designs has the experience and the expertise to create and develop the most unique architecture and interior design for your Malibu beachfront house, mansion or estate.

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