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In the early 20th century, a group led by Carl Fisher and John S. Collins identified the potential of the then idle beach ten miles from Miami. They cleared the naturally occurring mangrove to allow room for the pioneers’ waterfront mansions and luxury resorts. The Beach was then advertised to wealthy industrialists from the North and Midwest who were encouraged to set up winter homes and vacation there. To cater to the affluent tourists who flocked the area, several grand resorts were built, among them the Fleetwood Hotel, The Nautilus, The Floridian and The Flamingo Hotels.

The massive development that followed set up Miami Beach as a hub for the rich and famous, drawn to the artistic culture, the resort lifestyle and the rich coastal-urban environment. Architecture has been a key part of the development of Miami Beach city, with the Art Deco district marked as a historic site, boasting the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Miami Beach Architecture

Miami Beach Architecture has evolved through various periods, each making its mark on the city’s impressive design. First, the pioneers – John S. Collins, the Lummus Brothers, and Carl Fisher – led the way by building large Mediterranean Revival mansions on the island, paving the way for other wealthy residents to make their mark with their own villas and estates. These were accompanied by large resort-style resorts like The Fleetwood Hotel and The Flamingo to accommodate other rich and famous visitors flocking the city all year round.

The prosperous era of the Beach was halted by the devastating 1926 Miami hurricane but regained tourist activity in the 1930s. As a result, investors constructed small-scale stucco rooming houses and hotels for seasonal rent. These were made in the famous, attractive Art Deco style and they comprise the current “Art Deco” District.

Currently, the main building types follow the Miami Modern style, characterised by glamorous, vivid and theatrical motifs – think mosaic murals, kidney-shaped pools, fur and animal prints, round beds and curved sofas, and colours like cobalt and burnt orange.

Residencial Architecture Miami Beach

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From the massive Mediterranean mansions to the artistic Art Deco monuments, below are some prominent architectural styles you will find in Miami Beach:

Residencial Architecture
Miami Beach

Due to the architectural history of the city, a residential architect should ensure their design suits the chosen area. The prominent styles for residential architecture are the Mediterranean Revival, Miami Modern and the Art Deco style.

A great Mediterranean Revival example is the former Versace mansion with its stucco walls, red tiles and prominent foyers. There are also a collection of Mediterranean Revival homes in Coral Gables, including the laving Biltmore Hotel.

On the Upper East Side of Miami Beach, the Morningside Historic District presents a community of Frame Vernacular, Mediterranean Revival, Mission Revival, Mason Vernacular, Art Deco Bungalow and Florida Ranch styles.

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Miami Beach is a resort city, and it, therefore, makes sense that it brags some of the most elaborate and fancy resorts. The most notable style is Art Deco, especially for the resorts built around this historic time. The famous hotels along Ocean Drive, including Marlin and the Colony, are in the Streamline Art Deco style, characterised by symmetrical reliefs inspired by the age of machines and the seagoing life, rounded corners, curved staircases, glass block walls, terrazzo floors and neon lighting.

Modern architecture Miami Beach also features resorts in the Miami Modern style, with fancy amenities like spa-styled swimming pools included. The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort on South Beach and Fontainebleau Hotel in mid-Miami Beach are great examples of Miami Modern architecture.

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If you are looking to make your mark on the Miami Beach architectural scene, you should aim to impress. Miguel Rueda Designs is an architecture Miami Beach firm, boasting professionals with the experience and knowledge working with the various Miami Beach styles. Whether looking to design a hotel, a resort or Miami Beach Mansions, Our Miami Beach residential architects have a long track record of designing exquisite homes for the world’s most distinguished individuals, and you can therefore trust them with the most complex projects.

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