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What  your Miami Architect firm should know about Miami’s design style.

As Florida’s tropical gem, Miami has long been the playground of enthusiastic and innovative Miami architects. Long-heralded as the historic hub of Art Deco, modern architecture in Miami is still evolving and pushing the boundaries of its unique style.

Recent decades have ushered in a progressive transformation and flourishing of rich architectural styles, and with them many Miami architecture firms have transformed the city’s vibe and character.

Although the Miami Art Deco District has always been a must-see, modern Miami stretches far beyond the South Beach neighborhood, where sometimes competing and often complementary styles either mimic older Art Deco or have evolved into more distinct 21st century styles.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Miami Architecture

What makes Miami architecture stand out as being unique is that the city and state of Florida are an amalgam of cultural influences, all lending various styles and features to the tropical city.

Using a fusion of machinery-inspired curves and tropical lifestyles full of pastel colors, the city’s most famous style is Art Deco, sometimes referred to as Tropical Deco, along the world-renowned Ocean Drive.

Modern architecture in Miami, at least in recent decades, has transitioned to the popular Mediterranean Revival and Miami Modern (MiMo) styles. The former is a revival of the Spanish Colonial villa, replete with white stucco and terracotta, whereas the latter evokes a sense of grandeur and glamour.

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Luxury Architecture in Miami

Miami architecture firms stand on the shoulders of giants such as Frank Gehry, but an architect house in Miami is not constrained to the ever-popular Art Deco of decades past (beautifully restored and maintained to this day) but rather free to explore styles that blend the tropical lifestyle of Southern Florida with the metropolitan feel of an urban center.


Some examples of more popular styles include:

Residential Architecture

A residential architect in Miami must understand the various styles used across the city yet not be constrained by convention, either. Homes built in the Haitian quarter, Little Haiti, or the Cuban district, Little Havana, differ drastically from what one may find in more luxurious locations such as oceanfront homes, mansions and estates in Miami Beach's private Islands,  Star Island and Miami Beach Fisher Island.

Star Island, located in Biscayne Bay, is an exclusive, man-made island. Modern architects have left their mark on Star Island, developing some of the most high-tech and world-renowned houses in South Florida.

Miami Beach Fisher Islands original architectural style is Mediterranean Revival, but today you’ll find a range of architectural styles. Tropical modern, traditional and Mediterranean-style homes, mansions and estates with lushly-landscaped open spaces, can also be found in Coral GablesKey Biscayne and Bal Harbour.

In brief, residential architects in Miami must recognize and implement styles ranging from traditional to modern for Miami homes.

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Condominium Architecture

Miami architects are creating architectural masterpieces when it comes to condominium building design. Modern innovative glass façade towers have become the architectural style of condo buildings in Miami and Miami Beach. These new lavish luxury modern resort condominiums can be found in Sunny Isles Beach, Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Brickell and Miami Beach.

Hotel Architecture

Naturally, the most striking example of Miami’s Art Deco signature style is perhaps found in the famous The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, built in 1953 by iconic architect Morris Lapidus. Other top modern luxury architectural hotels include Miami Beach Edition, the eco-chic 1 Hotel South Beach and the exuberant Faena Hotel Miami Beach.

Villas and Mansion Architecture

Resort Architecture

More recent Mediterranean Revival architecture and Miami Modern architecture are increasingly popular choices for resorts in Miami, many of which can be found along the historic South Beach and Miami Beach, such as Acqualina Resort & Spa and The Fisher Island Club Hotel & Resort. This Mediterranean Revival resort hotel blends modern and traditional together, since it’s a sharp, modern take on a Spanish Colonial style.

Villas and Mansion Architecture

Villas in and around Miami, such as this Palm Beach Ocean House exhibit simple geometric design full of right angles contrasted by windswept palm trees standing before a crisp ocean view. Many villas in Miami opt for a more open design with wide views to the horizon.

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"Miami is an ever evolving city space. Its city landscape has created a worldwide look and style, something only a few cities in the world have been able to do. From the urban landscape of Brickle, to the tropical look of Coral Gables, not forgetting the luxurious and secluded enclave of Fisher and Star Island, Miami and luxury have become a common denominator."


Architectural and Interior design firm Miguel Rueda Designs, offers a wide range of luxury possibilities for your project. Whether you are after a chic condo in front of the water, a Mediterranean inspired mansion, a Tuscan Villa, or a contemporary and stylish home, Miguel Rueda Designs has the experience and the ability to undertake any residential or commercial project in Miami.   

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