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In the early 1900s, the city was advertised as “surpassing the Italian bay, Naples”, earning it its name. Besides enjoying the same coastal elegance as its Italian counterpart, Naples, FL is also a popular vacation destination, boasting great summer weather, pristine sandy beaches and world-class shopping strips and dining places. This is perhaps why it is ranked one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, home to rich and famous individuals like Chef Emeril Lagasse and Sean Hannity.

As you would expect, an affluent city such as this attracts the services of the best architects and interior designers to meet the diverse and complex tastes of its residents. And firms such as Miguel Rueda Designs never disappoint.

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Characteristics of Naples FL Architecture

Naples, FL is like a teenager who is yet to discover their destiny when it comes to architecture. At first, the most dominant style was the cottage-style ranch homes which gave way to the Mediterranean and Spanish-style Naples, FL mansions. The Mediterranean style borrowed influences from European countries such as Portugal, Italy and Spain, and their main characteristics included wrought-iron balconies over European-style gardens with stucco walls, barrel-tiles roofs and earthy colour pallets. The main difference between the Mediterranean and Spanish homes is the inclusion of carved stonework, parapets and low-pitched, tiled roofs in Spanish homes.

Another prominent style that is popular along the coast of Florida is the British West Indies style. This was a result of the merge between British architecture and that of the Caribbean colonies. It features verandas with large overhangs and high ceilings with open beams. You will also find a lot of symmetry in the arrangement of rooms, windows and doors. The reason for its popularity, especially in Naples, is how it emphasizes the harmony of indoors and outdoors, allowing a lot of light and air inside.

Coastal contemporary design is also common, featuring numerous windows that are essential for seaside properties to allow natural light and the views Southwest Florida is so popular for.

Naples Florida Architecture

Luxury Architecture in
Naples, FL

Below are some common architectural styles you will encounter in this city:

Residential Architecture
Naples, FL

When it comes to luxury homes, some Naples residents make it difficult to distinguish between a resort and a family home. For instance, Michael and Lorrie Lavery recently built a monstrous Mediterranean-style home directly facing the glittering waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A Naples residential architect aims to create a space that incorporates the natural beauty of South Florida to define the luxury, class and sophistication of the owner. Other neighborhoods with impressive residential architecture in the city include the Pine Ridge, Crayton Rd, City Center Gulf Shore Blvd, etc.

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Luxury Resort Style Architecture
Naples, FL

As a popular tourist destination and resort city, it is only natural that Naples boasts some of the most architecturally-impressive resorts and hotels to cater for its affluent visitors. These feature some of the most lush amenities such as spa-style swimming pools and scenic ocean views. Some of the most notable resorts in the city include the Ritz-Carlton hotel Naples, the Edgewater Beach Hotel, the Naples Grande Beach Resort and the LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort.

Lighting Architecture

Lighting is a crucial component of any architectural and interior design style. To achieve either the Mediterranean, Coastal contemporary or the British West Indies styles, light plays an important role and should therefore be handled by an experienced designer. In Naples,FL homes often feature light fixtures like Hermes grand chandeliers for the mid-century modern and modern luxurious vibe.

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Miguel Rueda Designs is a Naples FL Architecture firm with experienced and talented architects who think obsessively about Experiential Architecture. Whether looking for a hotel, custom, residential or modern architecture in Naples, we will work to meet and exceed your expectations of a luxury dream home.

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