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Palm Beach is a county that you just have to love; if not for the 47 miles of pristine coastline, then maybe for its alluringly serene and calm atmosphere, or its upscale boutiques and refined coastal lifestyle. No wonder it is beloved by elites and celebrities like Bill Gates, Michael Jordan and Adam Sandler among others who have decided to call it home. According to Forbes Magazine, it holds more than half of Florida’s wealthiest population, which is impressive considering the state’s reputation. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the county has some of the most luxurious homes and buildings, with some of the best architects and interior designers to cater for the rich and diverse tastes of the residents.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Palm Beach Architecture

Key to the growth of Palm Beach in the late 19th and early 20th centuries is Henry Flagler, who built The Royal Poinciana Hotel and The Breakers to accommodate wealthy tourists who would then frequent the area. The Breakers was constructed in the Renaissance Revival styles, specifically a mixture of the Mission Revival and Mediterranean Revival styles. The Mediterranean Revival is a combination of various styles including Beaux-Arts, Spanish Renaissance, Italian Renaissance and Spanish Colonial styles.

In Palm Beach homes, the Mission Revival can be seen in the use of low sloping roofs, often with the underneath beams exposed. The common Stucco exterior and simplicity of most of the designs is due to the influence of the Spanish Renaissance and Spanish Colonial styles, while the use of arches and symmetry is due to the influence of the Beaux-Arts design.

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Luxury Architecture in
Palm Beach County

Palm Beach county hosts a thriving architectural scene where budget is rarely an issue for the homeowners. The architects and designers therefore have the creative freedom to experiment with a mixture of modern and Renaissance Revival styles. Below are some styles that a Palm Beach Residential Architect should be aware of:

Palm Beach County
Oceanfront Estate Architecture

Palm Beach’s Billionaires Row area delivers everything you would expect of such a name, and more. From the Italian Renaissance-style mansion that belonged to the late Broadway producer Terry Allen Kramer – and is currently the most expensive oceanfront home in Palm Beach - to billionaire Ken Griffin’s massive estate, the area boasts some of the most luxurious mansions you have laid your eyes on.

The Italian Renaissance style utilized by most Palm Beach Mansions features a fusion of the classical Roman technique with Renaissance aesthetics, evident in various foundational architectural concepts such as the columns and pilasters, facades, domes, vaults, windows, arches and walls.

Residential Architecture
Palm Beach County

Palm Beach county is also home to an impressive condominium scene with a variety of luxury condos for the affluent resident. These spacious residences offer full amenities, stunning ocean and coastline views and premium interior finishes. Modern architecture in Palm Beach has residences with the use of innovative glass facades to create the effect of the modern towers that is common with most urban centres.

These lush residential areas can be found in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Gulfstream, Everglades Island, Delray Beach, South Ocean Boulevard, Wellington and Highland Beach among many others.

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Lighting Architecture
Palm Beach County

Lighting is a vital component of any architectural style and should be handled by an experienced designer. In Palm Beach, the dominant Italian-renaissance calls antique lighting if possible, but without the overly dramatic vaulted ceilings that were associated with the Gothic style.

Palm Beach homes and buildings will often feature light fixtures such as golden Baccarat grand chandeliers to give them that antiquity classic feel.

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”Palm Beach County can be described as one with old money and a lot of unsung wealth. As a result, home designs often aim to showcase this affluence in a subtle but confident manner. You should therefore search for a talented designer who will find the perfect balance between elegance and affluence to create an enviably luxurious living space.”


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