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A mixture of pristine waters, a tropical sun and cooling trading winds makes Honolulu a literal tropical paradise that many dream of visiting at least once in their life. When you add the exciting blend of Asian, Pacific and Western cultures, the thriving urban recreational scene and the great livability score of the city, it is understandable why notables such as the former president Barack Obama and the television figure Oprah Winfrey have frequented and even call it home.

While the city boasts many outstanding features such as being a major U.S gateway to the world, a more subtle attraction of Honolulu is its architectural scene. The city boasts some of the most intricately designed buildings that showcase the rich culture of Oahu Island.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Honolulu Architecture

The Honolulu Architectural scene showcases how the tropical city has transformed through the ages, from plantation designs to ultra-modern skyscrapers. During the construction of the modern buildings in the early 20th century, Oahu had no architectural style of its own and designers had to borrow cues from the Mediterranean, Italian Renaissance and the Gothic Revival style. As a result of blending these detail-oriented architectural styles, most buildings in the city can be seen to go for eye-catching designs in terms of intricate details.

Another important characteristic of the city’s architecture is the incorporation of the rich natural scenery into the designs. This is understandable since the residents want a taste of the tropical paradise environment inside their homes. A great example is the attractive Alexander & Baldwin Building on 822 Bishop street. The steel and concrete structure feature massive double doors and grandiose bronze windows, with palm trees and a lush greenery adding the refreshing Hawaiian flavor into the design.

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Luxury Architecture in Honolulu

Below are some notable architectural styles you will find in Hawaiian city:

Residential Architect Honolulu

Honolulu’s rapid development and diverse cultures has made it home to a great number of residential architecture. These feature an array of designs including the prominent Mid-century modern, Mediterranean and the Italian Renaissance styles. A great example is the Stangenwald Building which had stood as the tallest building in Honolulu until the completion of the Aloha Tower in 1926. The six story relic was inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture and features a poignant little balcony, arched windows and terra cotta ornamentation.

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Hotel and Resort Architecture Honolulu

Since it is a major tourist holiday destination in the United States, it is only right if it boasts some of the best modern architecture Honolulu luxurious hotels. A great example is the YWCA Building that was constructed with utility and elegance in mind. It is an ideal example of European-Mediterranean influence customized for the muggy Hawaiian climate. The building features an indoor swimming pool surrounded with tropical plants to offer an escape from the heat and open-sky interior courtyards to give the inhabitants a taste of that precious tropical breeze.

Mansion Architecture Honolulu

Honolulu Mansions showcase the city’s affluence by offering designs and amenities that some would only dream of. Various periods in the growth of the city have had various influences on its architectural scene, and you will find luxury architecture Honolulu mansions in various styles including mid-century modern, Italian-renaissance, Mediterranean, Plantation and even Missionary styles.

Honolulu Resort Architecture

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If you are looking to make a mark in the Hawaiian city of Honolulu, the Honolulu Architecture is not something you should take lightly. Miguel Rueda designs is an architecture firm with experience working with various clients with diverse needs. Whether looking to design your mansions, hotel, estate or your business residence, our designers will have what it takes to create intricate designs that match your specific needs.

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