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Over a century ago, few would have imagined that a few acres of land in the middle of the Mojave desert would grow to a bustling city shaped in large part by Las Vegas architects. Naturally, what draws in millions of tourists every year to Las Vegas are the countless casinos, hotels, and resorts where all manner of vices can be enjoyed, so it stands to reason that the competitive nature of the casino resort development scheme has been influenced by various styles of architecture.

Building ever bigger and more luxurious than in the pre-1940s era of the city’s early beginnings, the city has expanded beyond the Old Strip’s architecture towards the New Strip.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Las Vegas Architecture

A walk down Fremont Street of the Old Strip showcases the glitz and glamour of yesteryear’s gambling halls, predecessors to the massive all-enclosed casino resorts common to the New Strip. In an effort to break away from functional modernist styles, the Las Vegas architecture of the Old Strip is objectively grand and flashy, but austere when compared to the offerings of the New Strip.

Following the 1947 construction of the Flamingo (built in Art Deco and Streamline Moderne), the oldest casino still in operation to this day on the New Strip, ever grander designs such as The Venetian and Caesars Palace were conceived. Naturally, the styles used in each casino varies wildly one from the other, purposely done to achieve an overall theme.

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Luxury Architecture in Las Vegas

There’s no shortage of luxury architecture in Las Vegas, with no unifying theme due to the nature of standalone casinos aside from perhaps a post-modernist leaning. The eclectic and extravagant architecture of Las Vegas architecture firms and renowned architects Robert Ventri, Steven Izenour, and Denise Scott Brown were designed in opposition to the prevailing modernist architecture of the mid 20th century.

A select few examples that stand out include:

Residential Architecture

Most traditional residential architecture in Las Vegas from the 1950s until recently has leaned towards functional, white stucco homes. Recent movements in luxury architecture by residential architects in Las Vegas, coinciding with the mass exodus from California and the resultant boom in housing prices have led to the popularity of more contemporary styles, incorporating elements from the Mojave setting.

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Hotel Architecture

By far and wide, Las Vegas is defined by its skyline full of hotels. Luxury hotels such as the world-famous Bellagio perfectly blend contemporary architecture with elegance and class, exemplified by its exterior fountains all the way to its grand entranceway and luxurious interior setting.

Resort Architecture

Many of Las Vegas’ hotels, particularly on the New Strip, are essentially resort hotels, containing all of the amenities expected from luxury clients. Las Vegas magnate Steve Wynn’s signature Wynn Las Vegas is a great example of modern architecture full of the grandeur befitting the glamour of Las Vegas.

Mansions and Estate Architecture

Luxury houses in Las Vegas such as Steve Wynn’s Mansion have set the tone for luxury living in the city of sin. This extravagant villa is modern yet full of light and joyful, much like how the magnate views his own life, and is complete with grand spiral staircases and wide open vistas over his personal golf course.

“Scale. Magnitude. Colossal. These are just a few words to describe Las Vegas. A city that has experienced one of the major transformations in America. A city that continues to owe and attract the world with its never ending activity and entertainment. Las Vegas stands out as one of the most unique places in the world. The magnitude of the accomplishment of this city is oftentimes overlooked, but the city of Las Vegas continues to grow, and continues to surprise the world. Every day. Never ending.” 


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