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Named after a series of forts built during the Seminole War, Fort Lauderdale is currently a booming metropolitan and one of the country’s largest tourist destinations. The city is famous for its pristine sandy beaches and warm climate, receiving over 3,000 hours of sunshine yearly. It also enjoys several miles of the Atlantic Ocean, making it the 3rd largest cruise port and the Yachting Capital of the word. The city became popular as a spring destination for college students after it was featured as the setting for the hit 1960 film, Where The Boys Are. Later, measures were taken to reduce the flocking of students, allowing Fort Lauderdale to flourish into a premium destination with high-end shopping strips, upscale dining resorts and an affluent waterfront lifestyle.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of
Fort Lauderdale Interior Design

No single interior design style can be used to describe Fort Lauderdale’s interior design scene owing to the diversity and complexity of its population. The best approach would be to take it on a neighbourhood to neighbourhood basis. In Fort Lauderdale’s downtown region, especially around Las Olas Boulevard, the dominant buildings are high-rise condominium or condos. Here, the main decoration styles are the modern and contemporary interior design styles with smooth, low horizontal furnishings and clean lines. This is, however, not to mean that you will not find the other styles in the city. Rich and famous residents of the city own some of the largest mansions in Florida and in these, you will find an array of interior design styles including traditional, rustic and even custom designs.

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Luxury Interior Design in
Fort Lauderdale

Being only a few miles from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is no stranger to luxury interior designs. Below is a description of some of the styles you will find in the city:


Modern Interior Design
Fort Lauderdale

The modern interior design style is characterised by the use of sharp, clean edges, emphasis on wide spaces and neutral colours. Modern interior design was mainly focused on creating a functional home without unnecessary excesses. You will therefore find the use of large windows for natural light combined with chic and sophisticated designs that achieve class through simplicity. The style is however not as bare as it used to be in the past, and it is not surprising to find an extra Armani Casa lamp stand standing next to a smooth, leather Minotti chair.

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Yacht Interior Design
Fort Lauderdale

Docked along the coast of Fort Lauderdale are some of the finest and most luxurious yachts you have laid your eyes on. It is, after all, the ”Yachting Capital of the World”.

Yachts are expensive and exclusive purchases that are associated with the high-life enjoyed by elite residents of the most luxurious cities. To convert the vessels into homes away from home takes the skill and effort of experienced interior designers, and this is why we have some masterpieces.

The Super Yachts provide an excellent canvas for interior design artists, with the main aim being to convert the internal structures and oddly-shaped rooms into comfortable and sophisticated spaces. Here, you could find stunning modern interior design elements such as the use of polished stainless steel furniture to give the room that sleek ultra-modern feel.

Contemporary Interior Design
Fort Lauderdale

The contemporary interior design style is often confused with modern, mostly because it is focused on what is currently trending. Most contemporary design styles are derived from incorporating other elements into the Modern style. This flexible style can be manipulated to achieve the right combination of modernity and comfort. Some of its characteristics include the use of high ceilings, statement art and clear lines. These clear, sharp lines could be softened by the use of curved furniture or other decorations.

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Interior design is an important part of the Art of Luxe Living, and should especially be taken seriously if you wish to live in Fort Lauderdale. Miguel Rueda is among the top interior designers in Fort Lauderdale  guaranteed to convert your vision of a luxurious home or yacht into a reality. Miguel Rueda Designs architects and interior designers have a passion for creativity, drawing inspiration from places, people and possessions to meet the most complex needs of their clients.

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