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Miami Beach is among South Florida’s top premium Island cities, attracting both vacationers and wealthy home-owners looking to revel in its fun, luxurious coastal vibe. The city enjoys stretches of soft-sand beaches, quiet, affluent neighbourhoods, cool Atlantic waters and a lively entertainment scene where it is common to spot famous figures like Phil Collins and Shakira.

One major attraction Miami Beach boasts is its architectural and interior design scene. From oceanfront mansions and lush resorts to breathtaking Art Deco buildings, architecture and interior design has been at the heart of the city’s growth. It is part of the reason why so many rich and famous individuals are attracted to it.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of
Miami Beach Interior Design

Miami Beach has various interior design styles born out of its history, geography and culture. Like most coastal Florida cities, the area enjoys a cool tropical climate and unending oceanic sceneries. The coastal airiness is an important part of the city’s interior design, achieved by using lots of transparent material, sparkling white colours and the use of pale neutrals for major surfaces.

Art Deco is also an important part of the city’s interior design, characterized by bold geometric shapes, decadent detail work and rich metallic colours such as chrome and gold. The style gained popularity at a time when the city was recovering from the devastating 1926 hurricane. Most of the first buildings were hotels and restaurants built to cater for the tourists who had started to return to the area.

Modern Interior Design Miami Beach

Luxury Interior Design in 
Miami Beach

Below are some of the luxury interior design styles you will find in Miami Beach mansions, hotels and restaurants, condominiums and apartments:

Modern Interior Design
Miami Beach

The modern interior design insists on beauty and elegance in naturalness, something which is in abundance in Miami beach. The style also emphasizes functionality, where every interior design element serves its purpose. This is especially handy seeing as space is an extremely pricey commodity in the Island City. Other features of modern interior design include an emphasis on vertical lines with few curves, low, horizontal furnishings with cleans lines, and the celebration of natural light through large, unadorned windows.

Embracing naturalness also means that materials such as metals, unpainted wood, natural fibres and leather are preferred. Think warm brown Bentley Home sofas with a dark glass table standing delicately under a minimalistic Restoration Hardware chandelier.

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Yacht Interior Design
Miami Beach

Yachts are the ultimate luxury purchase, associated with the posh extravagant coastal high life. Knowing Miami Beach, it comes as no surprise that you will find lots of luxury yachts and even Super Yachts in marinas such as Grove Harbour Marina, Island Gardens and One Island Park. These water vessels are not purchased primarily for transport purposes but are more of second homes on the water, where they can achieve even higher levels of comfort and sophistication.

It takes a designer with a creative and artistic eye to convert these oddly-shaped rooms into comfortable, fancy homes for the owners. A common trend is the use of statement pieces, natural light through glass walls and artificial lighting with fixtures. For family yachts, you could have a cleverly designed kid room with accessories from Ralph Lauren Home.

Contemporary Interior Design
Miami Beach

If you prefer to use a minimalistic motif and strong lines to achieve an elegant, current vibe, contemporary design is for you. You will find the use of high ceilings, neutral colours, smooth end bare flooring and sleek upholstered furniture. Think of a simple, elegant Minotti rug covering the centre portion of an otherwise bare marble floor of a white living room. Sitting on the rug could be a Hermes glass table, with blue-grey Armani Sofas with straight edges to add the Miami Beach coastal airiness into the room.

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Whether you are looking to build your mansion, redecorate your condo apartment or for resort interior design in Miami Beach, this is a delicate process that can easily go wrong. At Miguel Rueda Designs, craftsmanship and design are in our DNA, and you can trust us with the most complex architectural and interior design projects.

Our experience crafting dream homes all over the world has made us the go-to Miami Beach interior design Firm for most developers, private clients and contractors in South Florida.

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