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Miami is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, famous for its beaches, great vacation weather, history and culture and most importantly; its impressive architectural scene. It is associated with the highest end of luxury living, called home by Phil Collins, Shakira, Oprah, among numerous other notables. The city also takes its architecture and design very seriously and has a whole district – Miami Beach Architectural District – declared a U.S. historic district due to its large collection of Art Deco buildings. If you are looking to design or decorate your home in this architectural sensitive city, it is important you find a top designer familiar with Miami Interior Design to help you blend into the ultra-luxury highlife

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Miami Interior Designs

Miami is a naturally beautiful region with fascinating sceneries, and most residents try to incorporate this into their interior design. In most homes, you will find neutral colour palettes and white walls to be the most prefered. These give the furnishings and other interior decoration elements all the space to star in the show, and they hardly disappoint. They highlight the affluence and culture of the city, where you will find sleek and smooth Bentley Home furnishings floating delicately on Carrara marble flooring. You should be prepared to splurge on the most expensive and high-end luxury brands to achieve the class and sophistication of The Magic City.

Yacht Interior Design Miami

Luxury Interior Design in Miami

Here are some ultra-luxury interior design style you will find in Miami:

Contemporary Interior Design in Miami

Contemporary design is the current hallmark of modern elegance, focusing on minimalist motifs and strong lines. Defined by “elegance in functionality”, this interior design style is characterized by neutral colour, high ceilings, sleek upholstered furniture and smooth and bare flooring. In a contemporary sitting space, you will find a grey Armani Casa wallpaper setting the tone for a simple but elegant sofa, complete with a rectangular Hermes reef glass cocktail table with a bold rectangular body on white marble.

Yacht Interior Design Miami

They are recognized as one of the poshest, expensive and most exclusive luxurious purchases one could make, and this is why you will find a lot of them docked in Miami Beach Marina. Interior designers work their magic on these vessels, converting them into fancy second homes for their lucky owners. The oddly-shaped rooms and the vessel’s structural elements are smoothened with clever design works and appliances to maintain the same level of sophistication when at sea.

There is so much a good designer like Miguel Rueda can do with a superyacht, as seen by the likes of Motor Yacht A and Streets of Monaco. Due to the natural allure of Miami sceneries, you do not want your superyacht to be completely alienated from the outside. This is why you will find ceiling to floor glass sheets to allow natural light and oceanic views to seep in.

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Modern Interior Design Miami


Modern Interior Design in Miami may still adopt the clear, crisp-lines; neutral colour palettes, and sophisticated glass and metal materials, but with an extra edge of larger than life class. The modern rustic design is based on the principles of practical living in terms of storage and functionality with an extra emphasis on antiques and natural texture. Take the case of Gianni Versace’s Casa Casuarina which stands tall and proud on Miami Beach. Under the occupancy of Jennifer Lopez and Rodriquez, most of the rooms were given the minimalist touch with expensive paintings and other antiques to do all the speaking.

Miami Modern Interior Design

Miguel Rueda Designs -
Luxury Interior Design

Established in one of the most sophisticated cities in North America, Miguel Rueda understands luxury living and this is evident in the numerous architectural spaces infused with art he has helped create. His is one of the best Miami Interior Design Firms that will ensure your vision of an ultra-luxurious home is actualized to the very last detail.

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