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When asked to pinpoint what exactly this city in Florida is known for, one will be spoilt for choice. Some would say it is the fact that it is among the wealthiest cities in the United States with the second-highest proportion of millionaires per capita. Others would cite its high-end shopping strips, sophisticated dining and world-class culture to be its strongest point, while others would say it is the fact that it is one of the best vacation and tourism spots in America and maybe even the world.

The city has consistently been rated as one of America’s best places to vacation, the best place to raise your kids and even best places to retire. Perhaps this is why it has attracted so many rich and famous people like Judge Judy and Nicole Kidman, drawn not only by the great weather and coastal appeal but also by the rich architectural and interior design scene.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Naples, FL Interior Design

The early 1900s is when the city of Naples FL started gaining popularity, having been compared to the famous Italian city, Naples. During the period, people were consumed with leisure and affluence, and most opted for the extravagant Mediterranean and Spanish style. The main characteristic of modern buildings in the city right now is the inclusion of subtle romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries.

You will find hints of the warm colours of Italy, the spices of Morocco, the marine freshness of Greece and the sunny romance of Spain - all laced with a touch of modernism and luxury. In Port Royal Millionaire’s Row, elegant luxury mansions decorated in modern Mediterranean styles face scenic rolling waves to give the true Naples FL vibe to the area.

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Besides its name, Naples FL also borrows the class and sophistication associated with the Italians. Below are some of the most common styles you will find in the city:

Modern Interior Design Naples, FL

One main characteristic of modern interior design for Mediterranean-style coastal houses is the incorporation of the natural scenery into the rooms. This is accomplished by the use of large windows, glass walls and the presence of natural decorations like potted plants. Here functionality is key, and the spaces will mostly be simple and unadorned. Another feature is the use of natural material and earthy or neutral colours. Think of white as the key color, giving the room length and the perfect canvas for different color pallets, textures and modern design concepts. Gold Sicis custom design surfaces that express luxury can be found, with hardwood or marble flooring, with a Restoration Hardware rug and a cream upholstery Minotti sofa.

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Yacht Interior Design Naples, FL

Yachts are expensive purchases reserved for only the most affluent, and this is probably why you will find so many luxury superyachts docked in Marinas such as Aqua at Pelican Isle and the Naples Bay Resort Marina. To convert these vessels into homes while still maintaining the same level of luxury and sophistication, a Naples FL interior designer has to think outside the box. Most of the yachts employ modern and contemporary designs, making the best use of the available spaces to create a functional and elegant home on the water. With the right Naples FL interior design firm, you could end up with an impressive masterpiece like the Dubai and Serene superyachts.

Contemporary Naples, FL Interior Design

Contemporary design focuses on what is currently hot, and there is no shortage of trends that homeowners can choose from. A common trend for homes is the breezy, resort-inspired design style. Drenched in warm sea breezes and endless sunny days, Naples FL is a tropical paradise that invites designers and homeowners to embrace the outdoors and find ways of incorporating it into living spaces. This is achieved by the use of a vibrant tropical decorating style with bright pops of colour. Earth-inspired materials such as rattan, cane and bamboo could be incorporated into the interior deco together with luxury custom plant-based wallpaper like those from Armani Casa.

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To achieve the timeless Italian elegance associated with Naples FL, you need to find interior designers with the creativity, passion and experience dealing with various styles. Miguel Rueda Design is one of the best Naples FL interior design firms with artists, architects and designers committed to creating luxurious, elegant spaces infused with art. Whether looking to renovate or develop your property from scratch in the modern, contemporary, eclectic or any other luxury interior design Naples style, we can deliver beyond your expectations.

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