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Palm Beach county has been dubbed America’s hub for Billionaires, Millionaires and socialite extra-ordinaries, and rightfully so. From Palm Beach Island to Boca Raton, the superrich splurge on ginormous pristine waterfront luxury estates, sleek European sports cars and custom-designed mega yachts, among many other exclusive pleasures. This is because, among other attractions, the city boasts serene, leafy, environs, upscale boutiques, turquoise waters and irresistible beaches that attract vacationers from all over the world each year. To satisfy the complex and expensive tastes of its high-end residents, the city has attracted some of the best amenities including top architects and interior designers like Miguel Rueda Designs.

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Characteristics of Palm Beach Interior Design

For any region, the interior design style relies heavily on the architectural design used. For Palm Beach, the architectural style borrows heavily from Mediterranean Revival and Mission Revival styles, inspired by the construction of The Breakers and The Royal Poinciana in the late 19th century. As a result, the interior style also takes hints from the Mediterranean Revival style. This emphasizes the bold use of colours, mostly borrowing from the natural environment. For the furniture, natural materials are the norm; think wood, glass, wrought iron and stone. These are used together with bright textiles such as rugs and beddings to dilute their natural, cold tone.

Currently, a modernistic edge is added to the traditional elements to give them a more contemporary feel. The result is a chic space with a mixture of the old and new, leading to uncluttered yet homey homes. For instance, quality Bentley Home lacquer wood furniture and other natural accent pieces could go with contemporary white concrete interiors and modern Ralph Lauren Home lighting for the perfect Palm Beach Style.

Miguel Rueda Luxury Interior Design Palm Beach

Luxury Interior Design
Palm Beach

From Billionaires Row in South Ocean Boulevard to the Bear Club Community in Jupiter, Palm Beach County boasts some of the most impressive homes with the most luxurious interior design styles. Below are a few:

Traditional Interior Design
Palm Beach

For the early Palm Beach homes, this is the most prominent style, influenced by the Mediterranean revival style. The traditional style is characterized by calm, orderly and predictable aesthetics where nothing is chaotic or wild. The aim is to develop a classic interior that is comfortable and homely for all age-groups. A great example is Bill Gates Wellington home. This equestrian residence is in Mediterranean style with traditional interiors. Think wooden Sicis floors with leather Williams Sonoma sofas and classic Baccarat lights.

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Modern Interior Design
Palm Beach

This style is favoured by those who like clean lines and simple, uncluttered spaces lacking unnecessary adornments. Based on the Scandinavian and German designs, the philosophy behind modern interior design is form after functionality. Furniture and other decorative elements like mirrors are arranged to reflect their intended purpose, and those without any practical purposes are eliminated. This style aims to evoke a sense of comfort in simplicity. Nature is also stressed, with large windows used to let in the tropical Palm Beach breezes and sunlight. You will also find the use of natural material like metals, leather, unpainted wood and natural fibres for the furniture and textile.

Yacht Interior Design Palm Beach

As stated earlier, Palm Beach is full of exclusive marinas where the superrich splurge on luxury items such as mega yachts. Traditionally, interior designs were formulaic that some people joked you could find your way around any of them blindfolded. While this might have been the case, designers nowadays find creative ways to customize each yacht into the owner's personal style. Take the case of the 64 metre Sanlorenzo Attila. The interior layout of this mega-yacht was shaken up to create an asymmetrical yacht, with a passageway to starboard on the main deck and a full-beam design on the port.

Miguel Rueda Palm Beach Luxury Interior Design

Miguel Rueda Designs -
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Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a classy, elegant town city and one of the country’s premium locations you can set up your home. If you plan on indulging in the Art of Living in Palm Beach, Florida, you want to ensure your architecture and interior design is up to standard. Miguel Rueda designs is among the top Palm Beach Interior Design Firms, with a reputation for delivering complex projects with numerous clients all over the world. The masterful use of textures and soft colours has resulted in unique, timeless and stylish dwellings designed by Miguel Rueda.

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