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Honolulu is a magnificent city characterized by a blend of Asian, Western, and Pacific cultures. The Hawaii State Capital's pleasant tropical climate, rich natural greenery, and sandy beaches of the Pacific ocean make it a top tourist destination. It has a top liveability ranking in healthcare, heritage, safety, and others that allures a list of big names like Emma Stone, Oprah, Jay Z, and Beyoncé into buying homes in the City. To give the celebrities and elite tourists who visit the State capital luxury accommodation, Honolulu Interior Design Firms boast some of the most exquisite luxury interior designs evidenced by magnificent masterpieces like the Kahala Hotel & Resorts and The Royal Hawaiian Resort Waikiki.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Honolulu Interior Design

A Honolulu interior designer will try to incorporate the Island’s uniqueness and magnificence in their designs. The dominant styles are the modern and contemporary styles where you will find the masterful use of textures and soft colours that result in unique, timeless, and stylish interiors. The progressive nature of the island's interior design is visible everywhere. Designers adopt open veneer wood floors, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, fire pits, and ultra-luxury furniture, while stainless steel elements like bulb and candle holders add the ultra-modern feel to the living spaces.

Resort Interior Design Honolulu

Luxury Interior Design in Honolulu

Yacht Interior Design Honolulu

Being a port city, Honolulu is home to different Marinas. Here, some of the most expensive and luxurious yachts belonging to the affluent residents and visitors are docked. These benefit from the talent of interior designers able to convert the water vessels into comfortable, elegant and classy homes.

Like most houses on the hills and shores, luxury yacht interiors benefit from natural light, and you will find high-gloss polished surfaces used to reflect the light. Structural elements like supporting girders in the yacht that could attract negative attention are transformed into elegant pillars using polished stainless steel or Carrara marble.

Additional dummy columns with strong symmetry can be used to make a strong statement. In the lower decks with no access to natural light, Ralph Lauren accent wall lights could be used to create a lit, harmonious interior. Furniture such as Minotti sofa sets and tables could be used to add that comfortable class to the Super yacht.

Modern Interior Design Honolulu

The simplicity of the people of Honolulu is captured through its Modern interior design. Most modern homes and loft achieve harmony and great interior illumination through the use of large windows. Here, comfort and elegance is attained through simplicity and you will not find a lot of clutter or unnecessary accessories.

The simplicity extends to the furniture and most of them will lean towards a sleek design. For instance, you could find a cream FENDI Casa sofa set sitting gracefully on an open floor in a luxury penthouse in the Waiea building, with a golden Patek Philippe wall clock acting as a not-so-subtle indicator of class in Honolulu interior design.

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Resort Interior Design Honolulu

Honolulu is dotted with various high-end resorts to cater to holiday and business visitors. From multi-bedroom condos to luxury resorts and stylish hotels, it is visible that the Resort Interior Design Honolulu style borrows mainly from the modern and contemporary styles.

Functionality, comfort, and luxury living being the aim, you will find rooms with wide windows to let in light and let in the beautiful outside. A single velvet Boca do Lobo chair could sit adjacent to a large ABC Home Bed with an abstract painting hanging over it. Christofle kitchenware in Minotti wardrobes allows the guests to cater for their nourishment in a class and style.

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Here at Miguel Rueda Designs , we pride ourselves as one of the best ultra-luxury interior designers in Honolulu. Over the years, through obsessive thinking on experimental interior designs, we have mastered designing tranquil elegant spaces within a living environment, personalized for your Hawaii lifestyle. Exceeding our clients' expectations, by designing expectational luxury homes, yachts and resorts interiors is our forte.

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