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Las Vegas is dubbed “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, famous for its gambling, entertainment, fine dining, shopping and nightlife. It started as a humble transport town in the middle of Mojave Desert, but would soon discover its true potential in gambling and other adult vices, hosting some of the largest casinos, world-class restaurants and luxurious nightclubs. The city’s reputation for fun also makes it an attraction for the rich and famous elites wishing to revel in the pleasures of “Sin City”. This is why celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Criss Angel and Celine Dion decided to establish their residents in the city.

Architects and interior designers have always played a key role in shaping the scene of the city by designing the casinos, luxury hotels and mansions that define the high-life of glitz and glamour Las Vegas is associated with.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of
Las Vegas Interior Design

The architectural and interior design scene in Las Vegas was influenced by the growth of its casinos. The gambling rooms are designed in a manner that is comfortable and one that encourages the player to keep spending. Although different casinos went for different designs, a common theme was flashy and extravagance, creating the rich glitz and glamour feeling evoked by the gambling halls.

Due to the ever-evolving nature of the casino and entertainment industries (the staple of the city’s economy and lifestyle), the contemporary and modern interior design styles are the most prominent in Las Vegas hotels and homes. The emphasis is on efficiency and comfort while maintaining a sense of luxury.

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There is no shortage of luxury interior design in Las Vegas, thanks to the numerous resorts, casinos and grand celebrity mansions. Below are some of the common interior design styles you find in this glamorous city:


Modern Interior Design

The modern interior design style focuses on a fuss-free and simple space that is natural and functional. It is defined by the use of earthly colours and neutral material without too much detail. A modern space will be sleek and clutter-free, with only the necessary furniture and accessories used.

Unlike the traditional style where the vivid real-life paintings would be used to add character to the walls, the modern style insists on a neutral background and the art on the walls will be mostly abstract. A good example of a modern home is the Liberace Mansion, with its glitz and glamour perfectly representing that of its original owner.

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Contemporary Interior Design
Las Vegas

This is often confused with modern interior design but they are actually very distinct. Contemporary is more about living in the moment or moving with the trends. You will find some elements of the modern style such as the use of wood and leather but will be mixed with other industrial-inspired elements such as steel and concrete.

This style is also more fluid and can take inspiration from other eras. For instance, a simple living room could have a leather couch from Restoration Hardware standing beside an extravagant, crystal Baccarat floor candelabrum lamp highlighting its side. This merge of modern and traditional creates a space that is both comfortable, rich and extravagant.

Las Vegas Hotel Interior Design

Las Vegas is a city famous for its resorts and luxury hotels with impressive hotel interior designs. Here you will find an array of style being brought together to create a Las Vegas interior design that represents the lively nature of the city.

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Miguel Rueda Designs is one of the top Las Vegas Architectural Interior and Interior design firms, known for its master designs for complex projects. Whether you are looking to redecorate or renovate your home, resort or hotel, our firm is experienced in a variety of interior styles.

We are best known for our innovative one of kind personalized custom interiors, for specialty rooms. Each of our clients benefits from our long-standing association with world leading high-end manufacturing services of furniture, interior design accessories, fabrics, and custom lighting.

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