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New York City is an architecturally inspiring city with its restless energy, lively design scenes and chic inhabitants. It is no secret that the city is home to some of the best interior designers money can buy, and this is clear in the variety of luxury interior designs present. From the cool, funky and even formidable Greenwich Village loft apartments to the traditionally elegant Brownstone buildings, New York City Town Houses to the Manhattan Penthouses, New York City interior design reflects the city’s blend of cultures, vitality, ideas, sophistication and creativity that resides in the city. If you are looking to indulge in the Art of Living in New York City, be sure to look for Top New York City Interior Design Firms like Miguel Rueda with the passion, creativity and knowledge of the city’s ultra-luxury interior design.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of
New York City Interior Designs

One word that can sum up New York City’s interior design is eclectic: a myriad of cultures, talents, and ideas brought together with the aim of defining a luxurious city that never sleeps. With an increase of apartments in the last decade, the cramped bed-sit design has now been replaced with towers of large-scale living spaces with high ceilings, multiple rooms and stunning architectural detailing. Designers are bolder with how they mix motifs from different periods. For instance, the Great Gatsby 1920s style defined by geometric shapes, distinctive lacquered wood, romantic lighting and highly polished metals could be found sitting naturally next to the classic curves of Louis Bergere furniture and Armani Casa accessories.

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Luxury Interior Design in New York City

Here are a few examples of high-end interior design styles you will find in the city:

Classical New York City Design

This is inspired by ancient cultural architecture such as Greek and Roman architecture or Victorian architecture. It is defined by decorative trims, sumptuous fabrics, carved sculptural furnishings and assortments of moldings. Most emphasis here will be on comfort and the aesthetic appeal of the space. For instance, a Spanish room-sized rug could be used to set the pace for a grand room. A fireplace with a Pierre Bonnaard gives of that old-time vibe, accentuated by a two curved jungle-green silk velvet sofas flanking the sides. A Maison Jansen coffee table from the 1950s with a “verre eglomise” finish could then be used to glamour up the middle space.

Traditional New York City Style

This style of Luxury Interior design showcases its grandness in its detail. Traditional luxury interior designs are known for using a lot of wood and warm, mellow colors. Great artistry is showcased with the intricate decorations engraved in the woodwork. These fine details coupled with the warm colors that accompany the woodwork create a spectacular effect that can only be defined as exquisite. In a Manhattan home, a towering library fills up one wall of a sitting room adjacent to the master bedroom. An 1860 Napolean III fireplace mantel under a Delft 17th Century map of the world gives the room a mix of styles and periods that imbues it with captivating character.

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Modern Interior Design

These are characterized by clean, sharp edges; neutral colors, and an emphasis on wide spaces. Modern luxury strives to be utilitarian but is nowadays combined with elegance and grace. It is not bare as it used to be a few years ago. Given the fact that many people simply want a functional home, modern luxury focuses on large windows for natural light, minimalism, and chic, sophisticated designs that show a home is owned by a person with a futuristic mind.

New York City Modern Interior Design

Contemporary Style

This can best be described as an amalgamation of all the popular interior design styles of the last half of the previous century. This is a flexible style, being able to be manipulated at the user’s discretion. You can create austerity or flamboyancy with a simple change of palette and material. However, you will see a lot of statement art, high ceilings, and exposed ducting in many contemporary luxury designs. In a New York City Town House, a soft gray-blue color palette gives the master bedroom featuring William Van Vliet’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’.

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At Miguel Rueda designs, you will present your vision of an ultra-modern luxury home and the very talented interior designer will convert into an amazing reality. Whether looking for a traditional, contemporary, modern or ultramodern finish to your bespoke penthouse, luxury home or hotel design, you can trust one of the leading interior design firm in the USA.

Miguel Rueda's New York City interior Designer Firm is reserved for the lovers of architecturally interesting spaces infused with art and luxury innovative furnishes in The Big Apple. Great service, outstanding reviews, and a long history of working with the biggest names in the country are some of the reasons you should seek his services.

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