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Dallas is a city that underwent various transitions before establishing itself as one of the most populous and luxurious cities in the United States. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad turned the town into a railroad crossing, converting it from a centre of farming and ranching to a major transport, banking, insurance and business hub. In the mid-twentieth century, it was a major technology hub which attracted more people to the city, causing a real estate boom towards the end of the century. Nationally acclaimed architects and interior designers created a prominent skyline and distinctive contemporary profile for the downtown area.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Dallas Interior Designs

Traditional and post-modernist interior design styles are the most prominent in Dallas, although this is not to say that the other styles do not exist. The traditional styles can be traced to the old-fashioned country aesthetics and rich pioneer history of Texas. This meets the post-modern effect brought about by the city’s status as the ”Silicon Valley of Texas”. The rich tech pioneers living in the city opt for a minimalistic modern design with sharp and futuristic-looking furniture and accessories.

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Luxury Interior Design in Dallas

Dallas interior design has a lot to go on, drawing inspiration from both the traditional and modern appeals. Below are some of the most common luxury interior design you will find in the city:

Contemporary Dallas Interior Design

Simplicity and subtle sophistication, clean lines, deliberate textures, and clever use and showcase of space, while remaining comfortable and welcoming. Interior Designers in Dallas use traditional aesthetics to add warmth to the otherwise cold postmodernist style. For instance, a modern loft with a luxurious crystal glass wall overlooking the city’s skyscrapers could have warm wooden walls and floors. A glass table and high stainless steel chandelier will add that modern feel, softened by sharp but comfy sofa.

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Luxury Private Estate Interior Design

Texas is associated with a rich history of private estates and ranches to accommodate the traditional rich farmland experience. Interior Design firms are often requested to perform custom interior design on such property, where the personal taste of the client is often the priority. Most opt for the traditional style defined by warm colour palettes, elaborate fireplaces and comfortable sofas in the living rooms. Here, the emphasis is more in showing property and wealth, and most of the spaces will be occupied by luxurious accessories.

Eclectic Dallas Interior Design

As a modern booming urban centre, Dallas is bombarded by an array of style from different periods and times. This has resulted in an eclectic interior design style defined by a blend of multiple styles. It is not uncommon to find the sharp and clear lines of modern Dallas interior design accompanied by curved staircases seen in Dallas’s mansions. In some instances, a minimalistic style can be complemented by the integration of subtle designer artefacts and luxury paintings.

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Dallas is a city of opportunity and growth, and this is reflected in its elaborate and ambitious architecture interiors and interior design. If you wish to decorate or remodel the architectural interiors of your home the Dallas way, you should find an interior designer with experience and has a long-standing association with high end manufacturing services of furniture, interior design accessories, fabrics, and custom lighting to meet the most demanding projects.

Miguel Rueda Designs Architecture Interiors and Interior Designs is one of the best Dallas interior design firms, specializing in the high-end and most luxurious of styles. Whether you need to remodel your existing bespoke estate, want a brand new custom interior designed room or would like a partial revamping of your estate, Mr. Rueda will support you through your design journey.

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