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Unlike most other towns and cities which grew organically as a result of factors like industrialization and presence of amenities, Beverly Hills was destined to house the very wealthy few from its early conception in the early 1900s. The establishment of The Beverly Hills Hotel in 1911 attracted many affluent visitors who in turn decided to settle in the land where they were “entitled to the best of everything, regardless of cost”.

As expected, those who decided to settle in The Hills spared no cent to make the most impressive homes, making it one of the most exclusive parts of California. Movie stars and other rich and famous individuals have made this area their home, enjoying luxuries and amenities other people can only dream about. For their interior design, Beverly Hills has a wide catalogue of some of the most impressive and costly designs in the whole country.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Beverly Hills Interior Designs

Beverly Hills has a diverse population of people with wealth as their unifying factor. As a result, most of the interior design is dictated by ultra-luxury brands and high-end designs where money is hardly the limit. Unlike the area’s architecture which can be said to have drawn inspiration from the Spanish Colonial style, the interior design is more versatile and draws from various regions. A prominent feature of most of the homes is the incorporation of the lush greenery of Beverly Hills. This is attained by the use of potted plants, gardens, designer wallpapers, etc. This feature is prominent in the Beverly Hills Hotel interior design.

The notable Greystone Mansion was built in the Tudor style, incorporating latticework, symmetrical architecture, casement windows, stained glasses with ecclesiastical and heraldic motifs, oak panelling, etc. Today, interior designers have the freedom to play with various designs, most of them opting for that ultra-modern minimalistic appearance.

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Luxury Interior Design in Beverly Hills

As mentioned earlier, there are no financial constraints to limit the creative expression of a Beverly Hills interior designer. As a result, the interior designs today lean more towards a contemporary or experimental nature. Some of the prominent styles include:

Contemporary Beverly Hills Interior Design

This is perhaps the most common interior design type you will find in this city – not to be confused with the modern Beverly Hills interior design. While the modern style adheres to strict guidelines such as crisp, clean lines and the use of a simple colour palette, contemporary is less rigid. It is more about the here and now, allowing for a blend of various styles. For instance, a modern-looking home with sharp Boco do Lobo tables could be complemented by smooth, curved sofas to create an elegant but comfy contemporary feel.

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Transitional Interior Design

This is an interior design style that allows for more comfort and freedom, where elements of both traditional and modern interior design are incorporated. Eclectic Beverly hills interior design enables homes to have a mixture of comfort, functionality and elegance, using expensive accessories and furniture to maintain that luxurious edge. Most clients who request for custom interior design in Beverly Hills usually lean towards this style since it achieves the perfect balance: never “too much” of one style.

Traditional Interior Design

This design style is deeply rooted in the sensibilities of the European, focusing on sumptuous furnishings, lots of accessories and classic detail. You will find rich colour palettes, curved lines, various textures and dark, finished wood. For the furnishings, you can expect fancy and ornate fabrics with elaborate details like brocade, velvet and silk. These will be imbued with a variety of textures and patterns.

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If you decide to build in Beverly Hills, then you are going for something special that no one else has. Miguel Rueda Designs is one of the best Beverly Hills interior design firms with experience in designing exquisite homes, for the world’s most distinguish individuals. If you are looking for a particular design style or want the ultimate bespoke custom interior design  in Beverly Hills,  this is the firm for you.