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California is defined by its timeless design. Whether it's a minimal-style home along the Malibu coastline or a modern apartment in Los Angeles, California décor exudes a unique west coast flair. From Los Angeles to San Francisco, California interior design style reflects the beautiful blend of cultures living in the area. It's little wonder that many affluent personalities choose to live in California. Top-notch California interior designer Miguel Rueda creates exquisite homes, estates, yachts, and mansions. Indulge yourself in luxurious décor created by the best modern California interior design firm.

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Characteristics of California Interior Design

Cozy living rooms fitted with stylish furniture from Boca do Lobo, bedrooms with grand walk-in closets, and lavish bathrooms from Maison Valentina. Expect to find this kind of world-class luxury in interior design Los Angeles, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and other affluent California cities. Mansions and estates with contemporary style décor are on the rise, with a simple signature, clean lines and lots of texture. On the other hand, Estates have become bolder with many mixing the old Spanish style décor with modern accessories creating eclectic masterpieces. Only the best interior designers in Beverly Hills can design the mega luxury projects in the area.

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Luxury Interior Design in California

Here are the cities with the most opulent interior design in California:


Bel Air Interior Design

Home to the Hotel Bel-Air and the renowned Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles' exclusive Bel-Air neighbourhood boasts some of the most luxurious properties in the world. Interior design Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury and opulence. The lavish award-winning Orum mansion, set atop a hill, exemplifies California modern interior design. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer sweeping views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Marble walls and porcelain tiles from Porcelanosa line the entrance while a glass and steel staircase ascends to a spacious master suite. Bel Air interior design is the leader in world-class residential and resort luxury.

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An Oriental gem in a sea of contemporary California interior design, the Nobu Ryokan exemplifies a blend of traditional and contemporary decor. Designed to embody the California coastline's cool elegance, the beachfront hotel offers a panoramic view of the pacific, with rooms fitted with Japanese style décor. The natural theme, achieved by the extensive use of natural, hand-crafted wood, bronze and limestone, carries through the interior, channelling a cool, relaxed, coastal vibe. Superyacht interiors by top California interior designer Miguel Rueda use only luxury furnishings to create safe, sophisticated and elegant spaces that feel like home.

Santa Barbara Interior Design

Santa Barbara interior design highlights the best of Spanish Mission style décor. Orange County Interior design also borrows from traditional Spanish décor. This popular style is known for using bright natural stone tile and exposed beams. Light neutral walls contrast beautifully against dark wood furniture, while well placed ceramic tiles add bursts of colour throughout the home. Warm, welcoming and romantic, Spanish style décor features marble tiles, hand-woven designer rugs, warm Stucco fireplaces, curved archways, ornate metal chandeliers and domed ceilings.

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Miguel Rueda Designs, a boutique studio with a global reach, designs exquisite homes for the world's most distinguished individuals. Drawing inspiration from people, places and possessions, the studio's masterful use of textures and soft colours has resulted in unique, timeless and stylish dwellings. California interior design firm Miguel Rueda Designs specializes in Traditional Interior Design, Modern Interior Design, Contemporary Interior Design and Luxury California Interior Design.

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