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The City of Los Angeles is one with vibrant energy, picturesque landscapes, a thriving entertainment industry, architecture, and the less explored and talked about Los Angeles Interior Designs. LA is home to ultra-luxury hotels like the iconic Italian Renaissance-style Beverly Wilshire Hotel and top of the dollar homes for the City's elites who demand to experience unrivalled lifestyles, the luxe art of living. To attract top celebrities like Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian, who live and own homes in the City, Los Angeles Interior Design Firms have borrowed from a broad spectrum of styles to develop well-curated interior designs that inspire the greatness that the celebrities embody.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Characteristics of Los Angeles Interior Designs

Los Angeles interior designs strive to give inspiration to its breathtakingly sleek and eco-stylish communities. The City's interior design reflects the motivation, buzzing energy, luxury, excitement, and first-class lifestyles of the residents who call it home. Different inspiring living spaces utilize classical, modern, and traditional interior design styles. The aim is to hit a balance between comfort and class. A cream round-edged Velvet Boca do Lobo sofa set flawlessly sits next to exclusive Iroko wood homeware from Bentley Home with a background of Armani Designer wallpaper in a room lit by LED Accent lights from DelightFULL. Luxury Los Angeles Interior design strives to encourage sensational experiences inspired by personal preferences.

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When it comes to luxury interior design, the City of Angels has a lot to offer:

Eclectic Los Angeles Interior Design

The eclectic interior design has taken a whole new dimension in Los Angeles. Its diverse cultures and progressive lifestyles bring about a crossover of both traditional and modern interior designs. You will find bright coloured velvet fabrics from Gucci are neatly used on classical era furniture with an indoor waterfall in the background. A polished stainless steel lampshade in the middle of the room is used as a statement piece. The aim is to achieve harmony in many styles. To have a space that is functional but screams luxury.

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Modern Los Angeles Interior Design

Sometimes, simplicity and naturalness are what stands out. Throughout Los Angeles, you will find indoor spaces that celebrate natural light through unadorned windows emphasizing straight lines and fewer curves in structure. Emphasis is on the area being as natural as possible. Natural wood could adorn the floors, with the Thassos marble fireplaces left bare to give the natural aesthetic. Simplicity is taken a notch higher by adopting luxury brand materials like Iroko wood.

Contemporary Los Angeles Interior Design

Los Angeles Contemporary interior design focuses on keeping up with time while giving home functionality and comfort. In most cases, veneer wood, clean lines, and a subtle harmony characterize the style. Natural materials like marble are used for fireplaces, while light hues are embraced to make the spaces bright and vivacious. It combines shapes, colours, paintings, and pictures to make the space feel homely and welcoming. The style focuses on functionality with the future in mind.

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Custom Interior Design Los Angeles

Being a creative hub, Los Angeles, California, is home to some of the best custom interior designs. Nothing is left to chance in this style. See-through fireplaces, indoor water fountains, stainless steel appliances, Island Chillouts and Firepits are among some of the creative feats you will find. Creativity and personalization play a huge part in this style that is both extravagant and fulfilling. Here top brands meet in a customization attempt that leaves the room looking rich but warm.

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With our passion for creativity and experienced craftsmanship in design, Miguel Rueda is one of the best Los Angeles interior design firms. With a touch of elegance, Miguel Rueda will transform your Los Angeles space in an attempt to redefine modern luxury. We utilize our long working relationship with top high-end brands in giving our clients desirable designs personalized to their tastes and lifestyles.

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