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Who is the best yacht interior designer


Miguel Rueda designs masterpiece residences at sea, with world-class iconic custom architectural interiors and custom furnishings, for some of the world’s most expensive luxury superyachts. A bespoke design approach is offered to each client, to produce timeless, elegant interior design solutions for their luxury super yachts.

If you’re looking to purchase a new home at sea, here are some of the most inspiring superyacht designs in the world with some of the best yacht interiors.


The world’s largest private residential yacht, the Somnio will launch in 2024. Offering premium living on the water, the 730-foot superyacht will feature 39 luxury condos. Named for the Latin term meaning ‘to dream’, the ship will sail to destinations around the world using clean-engine technology. There will also be space for marine researchers.

Created by British and Scandinavian superyacht interior designers, this luxury superyacht will have six decks with 39 condominiums starting at $11.2 million. Each unit will be designed based on owners’ unique needs, with options ranging from a personal kitchen and alfresco dining to a library and gym. Onboard amenities will include restaurants and bars, including a 10,000-bottle wine cellar.

Mega yacht interior designers
Image credit: Winch Designs

Earth 300

At 300 meters, the Earth 300 is a state-of-the-art vessel that looks like something you would see in a Bond movie. With a 13-story science sphere and 22 laboratories, the exploration vessel is designed to develop solutions to challenges like climate change. Artificial intelligence, quantum computing and robotics are all incorporated into the ship.

Expected to launch in 2025, the sleek luxury superyacht interior has room for 160 scientists and 165 crew members. VIPs can also stay at one of 40 luxurious spaces for 10 nights costing $3 million. There is also a helipad and an observation deck. Plus, underwater expedition vehicles allow scientists to explore the deep sea. A molten-salt reactor powers the zero-emission vessel.

TKM Yacht

The TKM Yacht is a masterpiece residence at sea from a leading private yacht interior designer.

An original creation by Miguel Rueda, the TKM Yacht will soon join the ranks of the world’s premier superyachts. Created by one of the best superyacht interior designers, the modern vessel features a sophisticated metallic exterior.

Miguel Rueda has designed innovative breakthrough amenities for this yacht with generosity and style, including a helipad, swimming pool, gym, entertainment areas, chef kitchen, bedrooms, closets and more, with ocean views.

The unparalleled craftsmanship and high-quality materials, set a new benchmark in mega yacht interior design.

TKM Luxury Yacht Interior Designed by Miguel Rueda
Image source: Miguel Rueda Designs

Unique Circle

Bold and original, the 420-foot Unique Circle is one of the biggest private yachts ever designed. Created by one of the world’s most forward-thinking superyacht interior designers, the elegant exterior features interwoven support beams that create a stunning look. The organic design seamlessly connects each deck, concealing a contemporary luxury yacht interior design.

The striking and innovative superyacht interior design will be inspiring, if the vessel is ever built. Clean interiors are dominated by white and reflect the ocean’s fluidity. See the depths of the ocean with underwater viewing, or relax in the ship’s swimming pool. A master bedroom showcases modern living and overlooks a jacuzzi on the deck.


Valkyrie aims to be the world’s largest superyacht at 751-feet. The superyacht interior designers of this vessel were inspired by deconstructivism – where harmony and symmetry are replaced by unconventional lines and shapes. A carbon construction also reduces the weight of the vessel, which has a unique construction that sits below the waterline.

Entertainment is at the heart of this mega yacht interior. Restaurants are proposed along with a casino, gallery and theater. Convention space is also incorporated into the superyacht interior design, which boasts large windows and open areas.

Miguel Rueda Designs: Superyacht Interior Designer

If you want to create or redesign your superyacht interiors with a luxurious and high-end design, Miguel Rueda Designs will exceed your expectations and ideas. Through their innovative timeless design and development of expectational residences with bespoke experiences.

Using their global connections, Miguel Rueda Designs collaborates with world-class brands and suppliers, to design superior superyacht interiors and state-of-the-art specialty rooms and outdoor yacht living spaces. Hyperrealistic superyacht interior renderings can be produced, which enable their clients to view and evaluate new designs before they exist.

Discover more about Miguel Rueda Designs studio, by speaking to one of the team members.

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