Yacht Interior Design Firm

Yacht Interior Design Firm

Luxury Yacht Interior Design With Miguel Rueda Designs

As a superyacht interior designer, Miguel Rueda Designs, focuses on creating ultra-modern and contemporary yacht interiors. Miguel Rueda Designs works with the utmost confidentiality, and as such, his projects are hidden from the public eye.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Inside Luxury Yacht Interiors

The best yacht interior design firms create masterpiece residences perfect for life at sea, complete with custom world-class architecture, interiors, and furnishings. One of the inherent challenges of luxury yacht interior design is incorporating the yacht's structural elements, low ceilings, and oddly-shaped rooms into the design. Supporting rafters in the center of a room, marked security exits, and emergency lighting must be visible but detract from the room's interior design.

These structural challenges turn into wonderful opportunities for a good yacht interior designer. As a full-service yacht interior design firm, Miguel Rueda Designs collaborates with shipyards to have features such as glass walls built into the boat's architecture.

Why Miguel Rueda Designs Is One Of The Best Yacht Interior Designers

Here are some of the reasons why royals, dignitaries, celebrities, and billionaires trust Miguel Rueda Designs to convert their luxury yachts into second homes at sea with Miguel Rueda:

Use of unparalleled craftsmanship and high-quality materials

We go to great lengths to create timeless, elegant interior design solutions for luxury superyachts, sourcing the best textiles and furnishings to create the desired aesthetic. Textiles are essential elements in yacht interior decoration, as the choice of materials reflects the project as a whole. We use textiles of the highest quality to represent luxury and convey the design's soul.

As a luxury yacht interior designer, Miguel Rueda aims for a coordinated look across the interior and exterior spaces, while ensuring that individual spaces are dressed according to their particular features and use.

Best Yacht Interior Designers

Our international clients' eclectic tastes force us to push the boundaries of our style. As such, Miguel Rueda prides himself in not having a single style replicated for each client. Instead, he follows a bespoke design approach to each client's luxury living at sea. Miguel Rueda Designs recreates standard yacht amenities with a creative eye, turning ordinary swimming pools, gyms, entertainment areas, kitchens, bedrooms, and walk-in closets into works of art.

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Global connections and collaborations with luxurious world-class brands

Our long-standing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of high-end furniture, fabrics, interior accessories, and custom lighting allow us to meet the most demanding projects. We also collaborate with builders of high-end luxury yachts and superyachts like Helsingør Værft, Baglietto, Rossinavi, Otam, Fincantieri, Lürssen, Nobiskrug, Heesen, and Sergi to design the interior architecture.

Miguel Rueda Designs creates hyper-realistic superyacht interior CAD renderings, which enable our clients to view and evaluate new designs before execution. We believe that the best source of inspiration from our style and previous projects, but from each client's vision, lifestyle and tastes. On top of being experienced designers, we are creatives who bring an artistic eye to the project. We ensure that each room is functional and artistic, balanced and elegant.

Our clients call on us to design specialty rooms that mimic the design of a home, such as bespoke home theaters, wine cellars, kitchens, bathrooms, home spas, large walk-in closets, home offices, etc. We also design eco-friendly spaces at request, ensuring that the design maintains the same level of luxury and sophistication.

Miguel Rueda Yacht Interior Designer

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Miguel Rueda Designs superyacht design studio is a full-service firm that specializes in architecture interior and interior design. Lead architect and designer Miguel Rueda envisioned every aspect of superyacht design projects, making him one of the best luxury yacht interior designers.

He oversees a team of international architects and designers in his studio Miguel Rueda Designs, creating innovative and cutting edge designs for Hollywood's elite, the Saudi royal family, and other dignitaries. Whether you want to renovate your yacht or are stepping into the luxury living yacht lifestyle, Miguel Rueda will bring your vision to reality. Contact the Miguel Rueda Designs team to discuss your project.

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