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Custom High-End Kitchens Interior Designer

Miguel Rueda is a leading custom kitchen interior designer. He has designed some of the world’s largest and most expensive residential kitchens. Offering tailored services to clients around the world, Miguel Rueda Designs delivers bespoke kitchen remodeling and renovations. We deliver high-end, modern luxury kitchen designs that are fully customized to the diverse tastes of each client. With every project, we create an elegant and balanced design that exudes contemporary luxury.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Luxury Kitchens Designed For You

Miguel Rueda Designs is an interior design firm experienced in designing and remodeling grand luxury kitchens. We are redefining how we perceive kitchen design. We transform the space itself into innovative, elegant kitchens. The end result is a stunning luxury kitchen that is also practical and celebrates the art of living well.

We adopt a bespoke approach to high-end kitchen design. A renowned custom kitchen interior designer, Miguel Rueda designs each aspect of your one-of-a-kind kitchen, from the interior’s architecture to bespoke luxury kitchen islands and cabinetry designs. Even the selection of lighting, appliances, furnishings, and other kitchen interior decoration is in safe hands.

Our world-class kitchen projects also include designing chef kitchens and organic food gardens. We also incorporate innovative pantries, fully-customized automation, bespoke high-end kitchen cabinets, and much more.

High-End Kitchens Interior Design Firm

Tailored High-End Kitchens With Luxury Features

For each high-end custom kitchen, we use materials from leading designers and brands. As a world-leading custom kitchen interior designer, Miguel Rueda and his team creates a modern kitchen interior design that is unique to you and your home. Each of our luxury kitchens also reflects a deep and genuine understanding of the needs of the very people who will use it. Not only are our high-end kitchens beautiful and stylish, they are practical and welcoming.

World-Class Designs With High-End Elements

When remodeling or renovating your space, you want a custom kitchen interior designer that masterfully uses textures and soft colors to create a unique, timeless and stylish design. That is exactly what you can expect from us. With Miguel Rueda Designs, you benefit from unparalleled artistry and quality materials that deliver consummate value and contemporary aesthetics.

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Each element of your new modern luxury kitchen is carefully considered. We use materials that deliver a high-end look and feel, from dark marble and polished stainless steel to designer wallpaper and luxury tiles. We also incorporate LED accent lights and open floor plans to create spacious, bright high-end kitchens. When choosing materials and finishes, we work closely with our clients to ensure each bespoke design fully meets their requirements.

Leading Luxury Kitchen Products And Appliances

When you select Miguel Rueda Designs as your custom kitchen interior designer, we will work with international luxury brands to create bespoke features. We also order custom appliances that meet your needs.

We achieve modern and contemporary styles with high-end products from leading brands like Sicis, Poliform, FENDI casa, Armani Casa and Porcelanosa. From tiles to countertops, each element reflects the latest in high-end kitchen design. We also work with you at every stage to deliver a finish that reflects your own personality and tastes.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Modern Technology For Custom Solutions

When creating your high-end custom kitchen, we apply artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. This helps us incorporate innovative features like large walk-in pantries, automation in your kitchen, and more. The end result is a personalized design with refined luxury and masterful design.

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We consider each client’s unique needs to design bespoke high-end kitchens. Although we are based in Los Angeles and Miami, we work with clients across the United States and around the world.

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