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Private Jet Interior Design Firm

Luxury Aviation Interior Design With Miguel Rueda Designs

Miguel Rueda is loved for his ultra-modern and contemporary interior design. The talented private jet designer, who works confidentially, has fitted the best luxury private jets with innovative amenities well-ahead of their time and luxurious features that push the boundaries of what's possible.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Why Is Miguel Rueda Designs One Of The Best Private Jet Interior Designers?

Private jets are often tricky to personalize due to multiple weight and safety restrictions. Miguel Rueda Design's solution is to partner with world-class manufacturers and jet completion companies to create every part of our luxury jet interiors, from conceptualization to the final design. Our design team plans the interior architecture and design and selects custom and branded aviation-safe textiles and furnishings.

A bespoke and luxurious design offered to each client

When clients come to us, they come with a vision, and our job is to translate that into reality. We don't have a ready one-size-fits-all design plan. Instead, we bring our experience to the table, appropriating the eclectic tastes of our international clients, adding elegance and balance to create the best luxury private jet interior design.

As one of the most digitally-inclined private jet interior design firms, we create hyper-realistic CAD renderings which allow our clients to view their jet's interior designs before production begins.

We have mastered the tastes of our clients, who often request ultra-luxury modern, contemporary and eclectic style jet interior design. Our private jet interior design studio has created interiors for small and large Embraer, Bombardier, Airbus, Boeing, Cessna and Gulfstream luxury jets and planes. As one of the top private jet interior design firms, we push the boundaries of aviation interior design, incorporating cinemas, garages, Turkish baths, aquariums, conference rooms, full Chef's kitchens and stately dining rooms into our client's luxury jets.

Having a luxurious lounge and living room is usually a top priority for every private jet owner, since this is the space that passengers spend most of their time. For a luxury dining or lounging room, we go to great lengths to build suitable fixtures into the jet's architecture: for one of our clients, we had a 4K Ultra HD television that serves as both screen and speaker built into a partition wall.

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Use of unparalleled craftsmanship and partnerships with world-class aviation manufacturers

Our commitment to design using only the best materials in unparalleled craftsmanship allows us to set new private jet interior design benchmarks. Our interiors are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are functional too.

Miguel Rueda's success is based on a collaboration between our clients and our design team, and we draw inspiration first and foremost from the clients' vision. Our private jet interior design workflow is a beautiful process of discovery where we take into account the client's lifestyle and taste and use it to create the dream private jet.

Furthermore, we collaborate with more than 100 leading luxury brands worldwide, including manufacturers and suppliers of luxury textiles, furniture, and accessories, to complete every project. Whether you want to rest your feet on a plush Fendi Casa rug or lie back on a snug sofa by Minotti, you will not need to compromise your tastes to fit into your private jet.

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Creative interior architecture concept designs for your luxury private jet

Here at Miguel Rueda Designs, we are not just experienced designers; we are also creatives who bring our artistic eyes to the table to ensure that your vision comes to life in the most attractive way. We bring your home environment on board by designing custom home theaters, wine cellars, kitchens, bathrooms, spas, large home offices and other luxury amenities.

At the client's request, we go to the extra length of creating eco-friendly spaces that still maintain style and sophistication.

Miguel Rueda Private Jet Interior Designer

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Lead architect Miguel Rueda envisions every aspect of his private jet interior design projects, from the floor plan to architecture to interior design and bespoke furniture designs, making him one of the most versatile private jet interior designers. The Miguel Rueda Designs team has designed the impossible for music moguls, Saudi Arabia's royal family and Hollywood billionaires, to name a few.

Whether you need private plane interior design done on a standard Boeing BBJ 777-9, Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ350 XWB, Gulfstream or an over-the-top Embraer, Miguel Rueda will bring your vision to reality. Contact our team to discuss your project.