High End Residential Architects in Los Angeles

Who Are the High-End Residential Architects In Los Angeles?

At Miguel Rueda Designs, we believe in the importance of supporting and promoting other high-end residential architects. For us, it is more important to create a strong community of specialists than to compete with each other. That's why we want to share some of the best high-end residential architects in Los Angeles.

From Los Angeles and Beverly Hills to New York City and Miami, the United States has a rich and talented community of architects. Frank Gehry’s designs are found around the world, and their unique designs are renowned. Landry Design group founder Richard Landry and SPF:a founder, Zoltan E. Pali, are other leading architects, as is Paul McClean. Among the best residential architects in Los Angeles is also Miguel Rueda.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Top Residential Architects In Los Angeles

Miguel Rueda

Miguel Rueda has developed a reputation for producing world class iconic timeless residential architecture design in Los Angeles. Innovative luxury architectural and interior designs are at the heart of every project, with a bespoke approach to home experiences offered to each of his clients.

As one of the best residential architecture firms in Los Angeles, Miguel Rueda Designs creates architectural masterpieces with unique spaces around the world, focusing on unparalleled craftsmanship and quality. From celebrities to wealthy entrepreneurs, Miguel Rueda has delivered luxurious living spaces to a range of clients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, NYC, Miami and worldwide.

From high-end interiors for private jets to innovative breakthrough amenities in the home, Miguel Rueda offers quality residential architectural services in Los Angeles and around the world. When creating designs, the very best materials from the most design-forward suppliers are used. He is an expert in designing luxury extraordinary requests, for his clientele, including, a private luxury beach, a private mosque, a home amphitheater theater, boutique-like walk-in closets with magnificent layouts, elegant spa-like bathrooms and more. Each home delivers comfort, indulgence & Intelligence “The sky's the limited when it comes to designing to meet my client’s lifestyle needs in the home” Miguel Rueda

Frank Gehry

Many of Frank Gehry’s works have become world-famous landmarks, including his home in Santa Monica. The Canadian-born architect and designer applies experimental and modern features, often producing some of the world’s most exciting designs. His works include the Dancing House (Prague), the Museum of Pop Culture (Seattle), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Lost Angeles), Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto) and the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao).

Best Residential Architects in Los Angeles

Paul McClean

One of the top home architects in Los Angeles, Paul McClean trained in Ireland and founded McClean Design in 2000. McClean Design is a leader in contemporary design and among the top residential architecture firms in Los Angeles. He’s projects frequently reflect modern living and connect residents with the natural environment surrounding the building. Indoor and outdoor spaces are seamless, and there is an emphasis on natural materials and textures.

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Richard Landry

Educated in Canada and Denmark, Richard Landry is one of the best housing architects in Los Angeles. He is synonymous with modern residential architecture in Los Angeles. Founded in 1987, the Landry Design Group creates unique properties that respond to lifestyles with custom designs. Diverse architectural styles are used, but the common theme is the attention to detail. These luxury residential architects in Los Angeles are also known for their quality.

TW House Miguel Rueda Designs

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Zoltan Pali

Zoltan Pali founded SPF:a in 1990 and has since received dozens of design awards, including for the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Other renowned projects include the Somis Hay Barn and the Getty Villa Museum expansion. One of the top home architects in Los Angeles, Zoltan Pali and his residential architecture company in Los Angeles are known for an elegant minimalist and modern approach.

Miguel Rueda: High-End Residential Architects In Los Angeles

Among the top residential architects in Los Angeles, Miguel Rueda delivers ultra luxury for houses and mansions, as well as hotels and other buildings. Outside your home, we create sophisticated designs for your home away from home.

Whether that’s a super yacht or a private jet, high-end residential architects in Los Angeles with Miguel Rueda transform and reinvent spaces that look luxurious yet practical and comfortable.

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