Top Interior Designers in Los Angeles

Top Interior Designers In Los Angeles Catering To The Super Rich

At Miguel Rueda Designs we believe in the importance of supporting and promoting other top interior designers in Los Angeles. For us, it is more important to create a strong community of specialists than to compete with each other. That's why we want to share some of the top interior designers in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is full of talented interior designers, with plenty of natural inspiration from the desert. Gone are the days when interior decorators would force their personal tastes on their clients; in their place is a selection of approachable decorators who make up the selection of the best interior designers in Los Angeles. Top interior design companies in Los Angeles are known to serve the who's who of the Hollywood scene, helping create spaces that reflect their owners' style and taste. Here are the designers to look out for in Los Angeles.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Miguel Rueda Designs

Miguel Rueda has carved a name for himself as one of the most exclusive interior decorators in Los Angeles, creating luxurious interiors for clients all over New York, Los Angeles, Miami and worldwide. He helps his clients, a mix of mega mansion owners, five-star hotels, Superyacht owners, and young private jetting millionaires of the digital age, by designing bespoke innovative breakthrough world class amenities with generosity and style, focusing on unparalleled craftsmanship and quality materials to set new benchmarks in design, while delivering comfort, indulgence and intelligence.

As one of the best interior designers in Los Angeles, he lets his style flow seamlessly between periods and cultures, creating genuine International Style spaces. His eponymous firm Miguel Rueda Designs has designed homes, private jets, and yachts for exclusive clients as rapper and music mogul Akon, Rufus Hankey, Saudi Arabia’s elite, petrodollar tycoons, along with commercial work for Hollywood film sets. Clients call on him to create the impossible; fire-spitting water fountains, cosy 500-metre lounges,, Olympic-size baths, to name a few.

His full-service firm Miguel Rueda Designs works on all aspects of his client’s projects. The latest furniture creations from Miguel Rueda Designs reside in the boutiques of luxury clothing brand Stefano Ricci and ultra luxury furniture designers such as Andrea Turri and Fendi

Jamie Bush

Originally trained as an architect, Jamie Bush brings his sense of proportion and balance to his clients' spaces, helping to decorate homes for Hollywood A-listers and producers. Bush does the interior architecture to achieve consistency between the room and the furnishings, adding warmth and personality to spaces that would otherwise feel alienating. His eye for bance and authenticity has made him one of the top interior designers in Los Angeles and the world.

Miguel Rueda Luxury Interior Designer in Los Angeles. ST House by Miguel Rueda

Image Source: Miguel Rueda Designs

Jeff Andrews

Viewers of the reality show KUWTK have had a first-hand, albeit on screen, view of Jeff Andrew’s work. One of the top LA interior designers, Jeff Andrews, designs homes to create spaces that feel complete but have room to evolve with the owners’ tastes.

The renowned interior designer, whose portfolio includes a number of Kardashians and Jenners, has a knack for infusing bold design with cosy sophistication and a sense of home. Unsurprisingly, Elle Decor and Architectural Digest have recognized Jeff Andrews Design as one of the top interior design companies in Los Angeles

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Martyn Lawrence Bullard

No list of the top interior designers in Los Angeles would be complete without mentioning Martyn Lawrence Bullard. The internationally acclaimed interior decorator is celebrated for creating spaces full of individuality with great attention to detail. His portfolio reads like a list of the who’s who in Hollywood, including celebrities, fashion designers, actresses, and hotels, and luxury stores.

The Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara, one of the recent works of the glamour-forward designer, displays Bullard’s talent in creating eclectic spaces. Martyn Bullard has helped refresh commercial interior design in Los Angeles with a healthy dose of originality, earning himself recognition by Elle Decor and Architectural Digest as one of the top interior designers in Los Angeles

Kelly Wearstler

If you have graced any of the Proper Hotels in Los Angeles, then you have had a taste of Kelly Wearstler’s talent. Kelly Wearstler Interior Design is one of the top commercial interior design firms in Los Angeles, responsible for the sumptuous interiors of the Proper Hollywood, the Santa Monica Proper, the Proper San Francisco, and others in the Proper Hotels Group.

The celebrated interior decorator in Los Angeles believes in using interior design to tell a story, contrasting raw with refined, mixing diverse periods and styles to create spaces bursting with life. Wearstler has been repeatedly featured by Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Wallpaper as one of the best interior designers in Los Angeles.

Best interior designers Los Angeles. HS House by Miguel Rueda

Image Source: Miguel Rueda Designs

Studio Shamshiri

Brother and sister duo Pamela and Ramin Shamshiri carved a name for Studio Shamshiri as one of the top interior design companies in Los Angeles. Their clients, who include names like Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway, adore the duo for their courage in speaking up instead of just faithfully executing over-the-top requests. Pamela and Ramen have a keen sense of what will work and often add imperfect little touches that create alienating houses into welcoming homes.

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