Miguel Rueda Designs High-end Bathrooms Interior Designer

High-End Bathrooms Interior Designer

Renowned luxury architect Miguel Rueda is an expert high-end bathroom interior designer. A bespoke design approach is taken with each client, ensuring even the most eclectic tastes are reflected in the final design. We work with clients across the United States and internationally on high-end bathroom remodel and renovation projects.

We create customized luxury designs that reflect elegance and balance. For all of our luxury bathroom designs, the finish is ultra-modern and the style is contemporary and opulent.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

A Personal And Professional Approach To Luxury Bathrooms

Miguel Rueda has designed some of the world’s most exclusive and largest private bathrooms. Spa-like luxury bathrooms are within reach and each space is transformed into an oasis where you can relax in luxury by a top high-end bathroom interior designer. With Miguel Rueda Designs, your bathroom remodel or renovation is in good hands.

Create an indoor garden that offers you a tranquil space to refresh and recharge. Design a spacious and airy shower room with soaring skylights. Add a bespoke vanity and features with his and hers ambiances. Whatever you fancy, Miguel Rueda is a high-end bathroom interior designer that can redefine how your bathroom is perceived. From fashionable sauna rooms to a luxury Turkish bath, your space will be redefined.

Luxury Bathroom Designs

Luxurious Materials And Sophisticated Finishes

Our goal is to satisfy all your needs, so we work closely to ensure your brief and requirements are respected through every step. This involves early discussions and contact throughout the project. The end result is a private sanctuary within your home that is beautiful, stylish, and luxurious. At the same time, your reinvented bathroom is practical and functional.

Miguel Rueda is a dedicated high-end bathroom interior designer that works with each client to deliver their requirements. Your needs are fully considered and understood, whether we are designing a home luxury spa or remodeling a master suite’s bathroom.

Unparalleled skill and artistry are reflected in every project. We deliver comfort and indulgence as well as intelligent design. We also use quality materials throughout the space to ensure value, longevity, and elegance.

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Stylish Materials And Luxury Elements

Whether you want high-end showers or the best home spa, we use high end materials for each project. Our focus is on maximizing texture and color to create luxury bathroom designs that make bold statements. We pay attention to every detail. From natural stone and marble to designer wallpaper and polished stainless steel, materials are chosen to showcase your tastes while highlighting luxury. For luxury bathroom lighting, we use contemporary and modern light fixtures, including LED accent lights.

Leading Products From Fashion-Forward Brands

An experienced bathroom interior designer known for modern and contemporary creations, Miguel Rueda designs all aspects of your luxury bathroom – from defining the interior’s architecture to selecting lighting and furnishings. To achieve the most lavish finish, only the best brands are used. For our luxury bathrooms, this includes products from Armani Casa, Boca de Lobo, Porcelanosa and Maison-Valentina and more.

Modern Luxury Bathroom Design

Using The Latest Technology

A leading high-end bathroom interior designer, Miguel Rueda is redefining architecture and design. With the latest technology, each project redefines and celebrates the art of living. Miguel Rueda Designs specializes in incorporating artificial intelligence or AI to create tailored solutions for each high-end bathroom design. Working with you at every stage, we use technology to design elegant and functional bathrooms that are world-class.

Bespoke And Ultra-Luxury Bathrooms From Miguel Rueda

Miguel Rueda Designs offers a tailor-made approach to high-end bathroom design. We also remodel private residences, yachts, private jets and much more. Based in Los Angeles and Miami, we offer modern luxury bathroom design to clients around the world.

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