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Architectural Interior Design Firm

From recreating interiors to redefining structures, Miguel Rueda Designs is an architectural interior design firm with experience delivering luxurious residential and hospitality projects around the globe. Go beyond interior design by totally reinventing a space. We strip everything down to the bare bones of a structure.

We then work closely with our clients to create ​​some of the world's most sophisticated, unique modern, functional and luxurious spaces. Transform an ordinary bathroom into a beautifully created home spa, rebuild the interior of your yacht, or recreate your home’s interior. The options are beyond limitation for the architectural interior designer Miguel Rueda.

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Bespoke Creations

At Miguel Rueda Designs, we offer a bespoke approach to each client with your very own architecture interior designer, Miguel Rueda. We work closely with you to understand your tastes and needs. The end result is a functional space that incorporates inspirational interiors while reflecting your own personality. Our architectural interior design firm also specializes in ultra luxury and modern styles. Since every client is unique, each project we complete is one-of-a-kind.

One of the leading architectural design firms in the United States, we also provide personalized service to clients around the world. With bases in Los Angeles and Miami, our architectural interior design firm works in various countries. From the Middle East to Europe, our clients demand and expect perfection and originality. That is why we use the most luxurious brands and high-end exclusive materials on all our projects.

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What To Expect From An Interior Architectural Designer

An architectural Interior designer or interior architect is very different from an interior designer. At Miguel Rueda Designs, we create residential architecture interiors using space expert and layout planning. Our understanding of design analysis and interior construction is unmatched. We produce floor plans, 3D illustrations and more, so you have a clear picture of your new space. At every stage, we use our understanding of building regulations and the structure of buildings to ensure every design is safe as well as functional and livable.

With Miguel Rueda, you can expect a range of house architectural design services that go beyond interior decoration. The first step is working closely with our clients to learn more about their vision . We use our clients as inspiration when creating each space. The next step is creating renderings with detailed layouts and bespoke exclusive designs of cabinetry and more. We honor collaboration as the path to beautifully bespoke spaces that surpass our clients needs, dreams and desires To add finishing touches, we also offer high-end interior design services.

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Redefining Spaces

Whether you want to recreate your home or a specific space, our interior architecture firm handles all types of projects. From structural changes to Private Jet and yacht interiors to redefining grand kitchens and bathrooms, we design luxurious spaces especially tailored to each client's lifestyle . If you love to entertain, add a wine cellar or entertainment room. If you need a space to relax, create a tranquil home space. Whatever you want to achieve, Miguel Rueda Designs is an Interior architectural design company you can trust.

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Miguel Rueda is an architectural interior designer with experience delivering luxurious, contemporary residential projects around the world that are tailor-made for each client. We specialize in using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and the latest technology. Our architectural design studio has experience gutting and stripping interiors of any existing structure. We then rebuild it to modernize the space, or to redefine it for a completely different purpose. Transform an ordinary garage into a luxurious car showroom entertainment space, for example.

An Architectural Interior Design Firm That Delivers Luxury

Each project we undertake considers comfort, indulgence and Intelligence. We satisfy even the most demanding tastes, and all of our projects beautifully showcase the art of living. Miguel Rueda Designs is an architectural interior design firm with experience in delivering modern and luxurious interiors.

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