Mansion Luxury Architecture Firm

Mansion Luxury Architecture Firm

Masters Of Ultra Luxury Mansion Design

From historic properties to private island estates, a mansion architect creates innovative solutions and refined luxury in any space. Luxury living is the goal of the best mansion architects. Uniquely designed properties by Miguel Rueda offers enduring beauty and the ultimate bespoke designs in mega mansion architecture.

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By lead designer Miguel Rueda

Expectational Residences With Bespoke Experiences

We offer a bespoke design approach to every mansion architecture project and client. Embracing the diverse tastes and lifestyles of our international clients, we adjust designs to suit each project. Still, we add elegance and create balance to deliver iconic timeless opulent exteriors and interiors that reflect modern luxury living and contemporary style.

Breakthrough World Class Elegant Amenities

We embrace luxury with every mansion architectural design we create. Luxurious entertaining options for both intimate and large-scale affairs are meticulously integrated into every home, when creating a mansion architecture design.

Ocean House Mansion in the Middle East designed by Miguel Rueda

Image Source: Miguel Rueda Designs

Relax in your own home spa or grand movie theater, or sample wines in a timeless spacious wine cellar and entertain guests in your private club. Create a unique showroom for your luxury car collection, complete with an elevator for your cars. From the largest in the world walk-in closets to the most sophisticated resort styled swimming pools and outdoor living spaces , we blend luxury with convenience.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

With our deluxe mansion architecture interior design, we leave each space with a touch of elegance, using the best materials. Miguel Rueda uses his global connections and collaborates with world-class brands and suppliers, to produce superior timeless properties and state-of-the-art specialty rooms and outdoor living spaces for our mansion architecture projects.

The highest quality and attention to detail throughout each property and landscape design, is incorporated in our grand residences, catered to the ultra-high net worth individual.

Miguel Rueda Designs is a full-service mansion architecture firm. From conceptualization to finishing touches, every step of your mansion architecture project is handled in-house. Our lead designer, Miguel Rueda, oversees the entire process and works closely with you as your mansion architect designer to bring your unique vision to life.

Worldwide Iconic Residential Architecture

Although based in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, Miguel Rueda has worked throughout the United States and around the world - from France and Italy to Saudi Arabia and China. Each of the properties we design features carefully curated mansion architecture along with striking interiors infused with art.

Miguel Rueda is a renowned mansion architect in Los Angeles, CA, among others top architects. Southern California is home to some of our most eclectic projects, including SR House in Beverly Park gated community located in Beverly Hills. This exclusive and unique property is a spacious home resort. TW House is another fine example of modern mansion design that is at the heart of many of our projects.

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Grand Residencies Catered To A Worldwide Clientele

If you are looking to create a masterpiece with your mansion, the modern palace-like Ocean House features stately grounds and gorgeous architecture. One of the world’s largest homes, this mansion in the Middle East will feature a private deck and port, a private beach and an outdoor entertainment space for more than 500 guests.

Our mega mansion architects design bold creations, like ST House in South Africa. This impressive design is an architectural marvel. The luxury mega-home boasts seamless indoor-outdoor transitions where cliff-edge views are maximized. Another example of our contemporary mansion design is BK House in West Africa. By combining local and natural elements with elegant lines, we create a luxury resort feel and eco-friendly living.

BK House and Mansion in West Africa designed by Miguel Rueda

Image Source: Miguel Rueda Designs

High-End Mansion Architect – Miguel Rueda

Miguel Rueda Designs is a boutique studio and full-service mansion architecture company specializing in diverse services. We are led by Miguel Rueda, a top interior designer and luxury architect that is also an expert in building high-end and luxury mega mansion architecture projects. From modern mansion architecture creations to reconceptualized Spanish colonial mansion designs, we create luxury properties for some of the world’s most distinguished homeowners.

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